A Car Design Podcast – Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to be inspired by our next guest on Automotive Design Planet! Joining us today is Robert Lesnik, the Director of Exterior Design at the iconic Mercedes-Benz.


Robert Lešnik is a true inspiration to aspiring car designers worldwide. His story of perseverance and determination is nothing short of amazing. Despite facing multiple setbacks early in his career, he never gave up on his dream of becoming a car designer. And his hard work paid off – he landed a job with Volkswagen, one of the most prestigious automotive companies in the world. Eventually, he became the head of Exterior Design at Mercedes-Benz.

Lešnik’s talent and dedication have been recognized by the industry, earning him the well-deserved “Designer of the Year, 2006” award in his home country of Slovenia. He has truly made a mark on the automotive design world, and we can’t wait to see what he will create next.

A Car Design Podcast

In this podcast, Robert will take us on a journey of his life as a designer and share with us the challenges he faced to get where he is today. From meeting the legendary Gorden Wagener to landing his dream job at Mercedes-Benz. Robert’s story is about perseverance, hard work, and passion for design. We cannot wait to hear him speak about his creative process, the inspiration behind his breathtaking designs, and his vision for the future of automotive design.

Get ready to be blown away by the insights and wisdom of one of the industry’s most brilliant minds. So, buckle up and join us for an exciting ride as we dive into the world of automotive design with Robert Lesnik.

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