Automotive Design Planet is an Independent online Automotive Design Magazine portal that aims at spreading design awareness among the audience by publishing Design Stories, Interviews/Podcasts with Professional Designers, Latest News, Automotive Jobs, Work from professional designers and students’ in the field of Automotive Design and a lot more. We are trying to build the perception of people that design is not just about looks. In fact it’s more than that.

How did the idea come to start ADP?

It began with the goal of raising Design Awareness among individuals all around the world. It was founded by two Automotive Design Enthusiasts who found themselves with a lot of free time during the pandemic and wanted to do something constructive with it.

What were the initial steps taken?

The first step was building an audience for getting started in the world of publishing which was achieved through Instagram. Later we decided to go towards building a website that can offer the user a little more than what Instagram can offer and at the same time provide a platform for Students, Working Professionals, and Brands to showcase their work in front of a Niche audience.

What are ASP and IDP?

ASP and IDP are two sister Instagram accounts of ADP called Automotive Sketch Planet and Industrial Design Planet.

ASP mainly focuses on publishing Official Design Sketches that are released directly by brands and also sketches from individuals. On the other hand, IDP focuses on publishing Industrial and Product Design trends from all over the industry.

Where does ADP publish?

ADP publishes its content on Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, and also on the website that is designed to give users a feeling of reading a magazine.

Our Locations?

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