Apple Discussing its Upcoming Car with Toyota

Apple’s all-electric Apple Car is supposed to be challenging and it is said that Apple is talking to Toyota. At the end of the previous year, the technology-giant re-started its vehicle project and was on the edge of building up a joint venture with Hyundai. Apple has been talking to several vehicle manufacturers and vehicle suppliers in attempt to bring it to the marketplace. It considered Hyundai at the beginning of the year and met many Chinese and Korean suppliers earlier this year. These vendors were not, however, ready to permit Apple to produce the batteries in the US.

Apple Car

In the last few weeks, the technology giant is reported to be in touch with brands like Panasonic, LG, Samston and SK Innovation. According to a report this week Apple is visiting Toyota in Japan. 

As Apple is new to the car business, the vehicle should be built by a producer instead of managing production directly by apple. Whether Toyota could be a prospective producer or if it can trust Toyota as a supplier still has to be shown.

Apple Car

Previous reports show that Apple’s own battery architecture is designed to save costs and increase scope in comparison to standard EVs. Sources suggest that the Apple battery can be designed using a “monocell,” which doesn’t necessitate battery materials in sacks and components. More active material might be possible in a smaller container. The usage of a lithium-ion phosphate battery that might be safer than the lithium-ion batteries used by most vehicle manufacturers is also claimed to be considered by Apple. These batteries are not likely to get overheat quickly and are also cheaper. But they are not as effective as lithium-ion batteries at lower temperatures. Let’s see If Apple opts for such batteries, they will have to collaborate with Chinese companies because presently they are producing lithium iron phosphate batteries.

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