Coletta : Alex Lepetz

The initial brief was given by Icona, it was initially a group project with Madhav Dua, Leo Grellier, Satvik Mahajan, Rahul Naik. Alex Lepetz later decided to continue it after the 1 week workshop.

The idea of Coletta was to create an autonomous boat to be an extension of the Venice Biennale of design and architecture. It will be like a floating cozy bathtub that can move you anywhere you want with integrated AR that will permit you to discover Venice in an unusual way. Using boat to magnify the city and promote their culture and history.


The interior is made for two person, logically and of course because made for the city of love. There is a large and comfortable sofa on which passenger can make himself comfortable and enjoy the journey on the canals. There is no disturbance by the circulation on water because it is an autonomous vehicle. Using cactus leather for the sofa, Murano glass for the luminaires with touch of color inside it which will be unique product as manufactured in an artisanal way.


Concerning the exterior the hull encompass the entire vehicle, made in recycled aluminum and algae which will develop a patina with time, the elements and algae. An endless ring surrounds the hull and forms a protective arch around the vehicle, which will allow to have a footboard at the front and light above and below the water to signal and bring a warm light atmosphere at night.


Thought with a really ecological perspective, and work done on CMF to incorporate natural and handcrafted materials to enrich Venice’s knowhow. Using Murano glass for the roof and inside lighting allows for some personalization with augmented reality. Here, too, projections will be constructed to enlarge this lovely Italian city and to project virtual exhibitions from the Biennale onto the walls.


Coletta was made for evasion and romantic travel across Venice’s canals.

About Designer

Alex Lepetz is a 22 years old student in Transportation Design at ISD. She started design studies 4 years ago, starting by product design and moved to transportation last year. She wants to become a sailboat designer in the future.

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