LEXUS-NVIDIA NEW CONCEPT - The setting for the vehicle is 2040, a time when the distinction between reality and virtuality is hazy. More and more people are using the digital world for employment and social connections, which increases the desire for physical stimulation. The finest of both worlds is offered by this car.

About Vehicle

This idea is around experiencing the metaverse through the vehicle's integration of AR and VR, which increases our sense of freedom to view various, otherwise impossibly complex sights. In order to give the driver the finest sensory experience, the designer wanted to translate the gaming experience to the real world where he can feel the g-forces of reality while also enjoying the aesthetic beauty and virtual effects of the digital world. Utilizing the real-time rendering capabilities and visual performance architecture of NVIDIA, which are required to power the richest immersive environment, enhances the overall experience. This offers countless visual and design options for the car that can be modified with the push of a button.

The Sculpture

He just folded one corner and left the other edge hanging loosely when using the cut-and-fold method. This created a very lovely flow of highlights that were moving quite dynamically but over a vast surface, which contributed to the expression of freedom. The lines and highlights that appear on the surface as the car drives convey this freedom. The tech core inside, which is in charge of the user's complete sensory experience, is protected by this surface, which serves as the body's outer shell. The performance architecture of NVIDIA, which serves as a virtual engine to drive the visuals, is housed in the tech core.

Exterior Design

The exterior's low and lengthy proportions give it a stretched-out, dynamic appearance.

From the front and rear, the cabin practically blends in between the wheels, giving the vehicle an aggressive attitude, in contrast to the smooth, laid-back side body. The side body of the car looks relaxed and clean. The car's carbon fibre body floor, which connects to the driver and tech core in the middle, and the two symmetric body shell sculptures on either side give it a tidy, integrated appearance. The vehicle's nose houses the whole tech core, which has a well-integrated cooling intake that was modelled after the spindle grill on a Lexus. The alloys, which assist keep the brakes cold while remaining aerodynamic, were inspired by NVIDIA graphic card cooling fans.

Interior Design

The driver sits in the middle of the single-seat car. The head restraint of the car is integrated with the NVIDIA experience headset, which serves as the only window into the driving experience. Without any screens or conventional layout, the entire interior is built as a cocoon around the driver. The steering wheel, joystick, or gaming controller that is compatible with NVIDIA's performance engine can be used to control the car. This provides the user with the entire ability to interact with the vehicle in their own way without being constrained by the usual cockpit space. These buttons are already being utilized by players without them even realizing it.

About Designer

Amar Kler is a 34 years old Automotive Designer, Graduated from Coventry University in the year 2011 with M.Des (hon) in Automotive Design. He is currently working as Lead Exterior Designer at Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. He has 10 years of experience in exterior design and has been fortunate to be part of projects like Mahindra XUV e9, Thar etc.