COMPACT ELECTRIC SPORTS CAR - The Vixen was designed to be a compact electric road sports car. Its modular design and simple volumes make it an ideal package for production as a kit car. Vixen carries the spirit of 1960s racing and sports cars. Its vintage silhouette exudes performance, and the latest technology is easily visible. Paulo Italiani created the Vixen Electric Sports Kit Car concept as a track-ready electric vehicle with impressive driving capabilities and comfort.


The vehicle is designed with a sleek, sculptural aesthetic that is lightweight and aerodynamic to provide as much speed on the road as possible while remaining safe. The sports car is built with a combination of carbon fibre and aerospace aluminium materials to increase the vehicle's rigidity and efficiency. The Vixen Electric Sports Kit Car concept features an LED screen on the hood that can display a variety of messages, including marketing.

The vehicle is designed to be charged at home using the Vixen Inductive Charging Pad, with no physical cables or connections required. The Vixen is an all-electric sports car kit. The distinctive stripe-like LED screen in Vixen's hood cuts through the body, expressing the racing soul as well as cutting-edge technology. Like a smartphone, the screen can be customised. The ultra-lightweight body and aerodynamics of the Vixen keep the car agile on any track.

The spoilers and wings near the tyres help to direct the airflow where it should be by utilising the turbulence created by the exposed turning wheels. The Vixen Inductive Charging Pad makes charging your electric car at home a breeze. The cameras detect it, and the car gently touches the pad to set it without using cables. The Swap system does not necessitate the construction of an underground facility to provide a simple and effective method of battery swapping.


The vertical orientation of the Vixen battery module allows it to readily move to the side of the automobile, allowing for a quick and safe battery replacement. The ultra-light body and aerodynamics of the Vixen keep the vehicle nimble on any circuit. Vixen was designed to have an efficient weight distribution. Its small size and broad track width provide excellent grip, and its materials, which are based on aerospace aluminium and carbon fibre, help launch this rocket over the finish line in a flash. The spoilers and wings around the tyres serve to guide the airflow to where it should go, taking advantage of the turbulence created by the exposed rotating wheels.

The Vixen sports vehicle was created from hand-drawn designs and fine-tuned with computer-generated accuracy. The screen is a stripe that "cuts" through the body of the automobile. From a distance, the distinguishing stripe represents the racing soul, while from a close distance, it transmits cutting-edge technology powering a racing machine.

The screen, like that of a smartphone, is fully configurable. As basic features, it indicates the battery level and the mileage range. The customizable options are limitless, but the driver will already have a few common examples loaded. The Car will start with its eye-catching Vixen lighting emblem, and the owner may quickly pick his fortunate number from the dashboard control on a race day. Any more customization may be obtained at any moment using his phone app.

The driver may opt to exhibit a sponsor on his track day or just promote advertisements to receive extra credits on his next power bill. If the curves of the VIXEN aren't enough to dazzle the audience, NFT collectors may show off their wares by presenting them to anybody who notices the automobile.