A NEW SPACESHIP - Talking about Star Atlas, Star Atlas is a next-generation gaming metaverse created by combining cutting-edge blockchain, real-time graphics, multiplayer video games, and decentralised financial technologies. Real-time graphics technology based on Unreal Engine Nanite enables cinematic quality video game visuals.

Furthermore, blockchain technology employing the Solana protocol creates a largely serverless and secure gaming experience. Within Star Atlas, non-fungible tokens obtained and traded generate an economy that replicates tangible world assets and ownership.

Calico Medtech is a space and aeronautical vehicle of the small class. Calico MedTech, used for immediate aid and recovery, comes to the rescue. Multiple flight modes enable pinpoint accuracy in even the most difficult terrain and weather conditions. Using Medtech's tail pod-latching system and its onboard medbay facilities, it can provide direct emergency medical attention.

Staff this ship with a small but highly skilled rescue crew, which will undoubtedly be the best in class. A dependable, quick aid and recovery system that any space endeavour organisation should prioritise. Small classed ships are the most affordable starter ships and some of the first reasonable upgrades, making them ideal for solo or duo space exploration. These star-worthy vehicles have low overhead and will get you where you need to go in style.

Calico Medtech evolved from the concept of a dependable medical assistance evacuation unit gameplay in the futuristic Star Atlas world, set in 2620, a spaceship capable of quick and safe work in extreme conditions that is also aligned with the overall aesthetics and design language of the Calico ship manufacturer's blend of human and alien technology, defined as luxurious but practical.

The first sketches for Calico MedTech were created in accordance with the project's art directors' style guide and gameplay mechanics defined by the game design department and were grounded in reality while containing aspirational elements. The Concept designer's first goal was to express the shape of a clean and elegant design that could be incorporated with a practical aspect of a medevac vehicle.

Calico Medtech is a two-person vehicle capable of transporting three escape pods: one inside the vehicle and two more attached to the vehicle's tail. Wings and landing gear are mobile functional structures that provide a firm and stable landing as well as the necessary wing structure for aeronautical navigation.

The Calico MedTech's aerodynamic expression, combined with a VTOL system coupled with directional thrusters located on the craft's wings and around the hull, provides an agile solution for saving lives in critical time and precise manoeuvrability in the most dangerous areas of space. Calico Medtech is a concept space vehicle designed for the AAA blockchain-based Star Atlas gaming universe, which is currently in development.


Andrian Luchian is a concept designer based in London, UK, with experience in the entertainment industry and product design. He is an expert in 2D and 3D media, with a passion for all things Sci-Fi and foresight into the future. He's responsible for the design involved in the development of Calico Medtech.