New Yamaha Ténéré MY28 Concept Extends The Boundaries Of Conventional Adventure Bikes

New Yamaha Ténéré MY28 Concept Extends The Boundaries Of Conventional Adventure Bikes. It wasn't just made; it was a careful process. Designer Davide Quagliani looked at Yamaha's values, studied trends, and examined the competition. The crucial choice was whether to focus on-road or off-road. Important qualities like agility, versatility, lightness, and balance came out, laying the foundation for a masterpiece.

The inspiration for the Ténéré MY28 drew deeply from Yamaha's extensive heritage, aiming to achieve an ideal blend of versatility and bold, adventurous identity. The design process involved a nostalgic journey into Yamaha's history, where elements from the past were not merely revisited but boldly projected into the future.

The Fusion Philosophy

The aesthetic concept was influenced by the simplicity and elegance found in minimal consumer products, providing the motorcycle with a distinctive identity. This approach not only paid homage to Yamaha's rich legacy but also brought a subtle nod to the timeless imagery of the 80s. Three main themes were developed, each exploring a different aspect of the potential identity of the Ténéré MY28. The elements of each theme were carefully summarized in a final proposal—a harmonious mix enriched with graphic proposals, aiming to create a product that not only stands out but also reflects the adventurous spirit of the Yamaha Ténéré lineage. The result is a motorcycle that seamlessly marries the brand's historical roots with a modern and forward-looking design, creating a unique and memorable presence on the road.

The guiding philosophy behind the Ténéré MY28 centres on the seamless integration of form and function. The motorcycle embodies this philosophy through its combination of sharp, well-defined shapes and a posture that, while not aggressive, exudes a decisively adventurous spirit. This approach is complemented by minimalistic elements borrowed from industrial design, creating a delicate balance that returns to the refined elegance of the 80s.

Aesthetics in Motion: The Final Solution

The final proposal represents a harmonious blend of developed concepts, with the central theme being the "Y," rendering the Ténéré instantly recognizable and iconic. This theme is prominently displayed in the unmistakable light signature. It is creatively presented in a less instructional manner, appearing in a "deconstructed" fashion at the intersection between the windshield and the tank. Additionally, subtle integration of the "Y" theme can be observed in various details and transitions between volumes.

The windshield takes centre stage in the project, serving both ergonomic and visual functions. Its visual lightness provides transparency, giving the impression of almost "naked" volumes. Importantly, it is meticulously designed to significantly impact aerodynamic efficiency.

The dynamic design of the tail is characterized by a subtle hint of a number plate that cleverly transforms into a support for light lines, functioning as stop signs or direction indicators. The central stop, positioned above the tail reminiscent of 80s motorcycles, forms the three vertices of an "inverted Y," echoing the concept of the front headlight.

Handguards play a dual role by integrating lighting functions and clearing the fairing of traditional turn signals. This not only enhances the overall coherence of the design but also adds a functional aspect to the motorcycle's aesthetics. Together, these elements contribute to a well-thought-out and visually striking design for the Yamaha Ténéré MY28.


The Yamaha Ténéré MY28 goes beyond typical adventure bikes, transforming from just a motorcycle into a powerful statement. It combines innovation and heritage in a carefully crafted design for enthusiasts worldwide. Beyond its mechanical parts, the Ténéré MY28 symbolizes Yamaha's commitment to pushing boundaries and changing industry norms.

As this motorcycle captures riders' imaginations, it goes beyond being just a mode of transportation. It becomes a testament to Yamaha's unwavering dedication to innovation and excellence. By blending modern features with a rich history, the Ténéré MY28 not only meets the desires of avid riders but also sets a new standard for iconic adventures in the world of motorcycling. Essentially, it embodies Yamaha's spirit of exploration, pushing boundaries to create unforgettable journeys and redefine the very essence of adventure biking.

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Davide Quagliani is a dynamic and innovative designer known for his exceptional creativity and unique aesthetic. With diverse experiences, he has an eclectic profile that includes skills in design, branding, and digital media. Davide works in both industrial design and transportation and has received recognition for his strong creativity, including the "Best Creative Proposal" award from the well-known Auto&Design magazine. His work combines elegance with a touch of the avant-garde, always prioritizing function and users. Professionally, Davide has collaborated with various clients, bringing their visions to life, including Maserati, Alfa Romeo, and Ducati.

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