This Nauta Sports Car Concept By Hannes John Is Inspired By The Sea

In the ever-changing world of car design, the Nauta concept car is a symbol of innovation. It has a unique triangular front grill, inspired by the universally loved triangle shape. But it's not just about looks – the design also cleverly combines the headlights and Daytime Running Light for a striking display at night. This intentional integration not only boosts the vehicle's appearance but also shows a dedication to both style and function in creating the NAUTA, highlighting automotive excellence.

The name "NAUTA" honours the maritime world, evident in its design, especially the curved windshield resembling boat lines. This clever use of nautical elements makes the NAUTA more than just a car; it turns it into an immersive experience. The design not only reflects the open sea but also goes beyond typical car aesthetics. Consequently, the NAUTA offers more than basic transportation; it provides a feeling of freedom and adventure, echoing the limitless appeal of the sea.

Functionality Meets Aesthetics

Beyond its stylish exterior, the NAUTA houses an electric engine, showcasing innovative engineering. The focus on thermal dynamics is evident as hot air is efficiently expelled through the lower air outlet while in motion. This careful blend of function and style extends to the taillight, contributing to a smooth and sophisticated overall design.

The NAUTA represents simplicity and purity, seamlessly combining Italian flair with German precision. Its rounded and muscular form, reminiscent of classic Italian sports cars, maintains the tension and precision characteristic of German design. This intentional blend results in a distinct surface treatment that distinguishes the NAUTA from other vehicles, highlighting a seamless integration of form and function in automotive design. This deliberate fusion not only enhances the vehicle's appearance but also emphasizes the intentional efforts to create a unique and refined identity for the NAUTA.

The NAUTA is more than just a stunning sight – it's a 2-door 4-seater designed for practical use. Perfect for weekend getaways to beautiful places, it caters to people who want a mix of high performance and comfort. Apart from its attractive appearance, the NAUTA embodies the essence of a luxurious escape by seamlessly combining stylish design with practical functionality. It's made to strike the right balance for those who enjoy both the excitement of driving and the comfort needed for a truly enjoyable journey. Whether it's a scenic road trip or a relaxed drive to a peaceful destination, the NAUTA is engineered to offer a complete and luxurious driving experience.

Artisanal Craftsmanship: Every Detail Tells a Story

Every aspect of the NAUTA, from its wheel design to its overall look, shows careful planning that turns it into a true masterpiece. By intentionally leaving out high-tech details, the focus shifts to artistic craftsmanship, drawing parallels to custom boat designs. This choice positions the NAUTA as a luxury vehicle, honouring the skills of maritime craftsmanship.

With its convertible design, the NAUTA lets occupants fully enjoy the sea breeze, creating an immersive open-top driving experience. Acting as a vessel of emotions, it connects passengers with the elements, giving off a feeling of timeless elegance. The orange-tinted windows, like sporty sunglasses, add style and energy, enhancing its sporty image. The NAUTA, with its thoughtful design, not only offers a luxurious driving experience but also celebrates the artistry of both automotive and maritime craftsmanship in a visual and sensory way.


Essentially, the NAUTA goes beyond the usual idea of a sports car; it pays a deep tribute to the beauty found in simple and purposeful design. Taking inspiration from the sea, the NAUTA skillfully combines timeless looks with modern functionality. What makes it stand out is its straightforward elegance, making a distinct departure from the ordinary and redefining the very essence of luxury in the automotive world. In simple terms, the NAUTA Concept is a statement of artistry and careful design. The influence of the sea is visible in every detail, creating a balanced mix of classic beauty and advanced features. With its simple yet elegant approach, the NAUTA challenges the norm, providing a unique perspective that goes beyond traditional automotive design and sets new standards for luxury in the industry.

About Designer

Hannes John, a dedicated car designer from Germany, brings a strong background in shaping automotive exteriors. His journey includes collaborations with respected companies like Volkswagen, Bentley, Changan, Italdesign, and Pininfarina, fostering a rich diversity of design perspectives. Hannes takes pride in the 2020 Changan Uni-T, where his initial sketches seamlessly translated into the final design. Fluent in English, Italian, and German, he holds a Bachelor's degree in Transportation Design from Pforzheim University. Hannes is committed to steering clear of generic designs, focusing instead on innovation, uniqueness, and functionality, seeking to contribute meaningfully to the ever-changing landscape of automotive aesthetics.

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Hannes John