This New Ducati Tempesta Visionary Electric Scooter Concept By Sreejith Kunjappan Blending The Brand's Legacy With Futuristic Sustainability

Ducati's entry into the electric scooter realm with the Tempesta marks a new era of innovation, combining the brand's heritage with futuristic sustainability. Ducati enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating the excitement of riding the Tempesta as the winds of change approach. The excitement and curiosity within the Ducati community are evident as they eagerly look forward to embracing the innovative Tempesta, a new addition to the iconic brand's lineup.

Creating an electric scooter that embodies Ducati's essence was a unique challenge. The task was to combine the practicality of a scooter with Ducati's trademark technology, precision engineering, and bold design philosophy. The solution came in the form of a harmonious blend, aiming to unite the scooter's practicality with the distinct Ducati DNA.

Design Philosophy: The Majestic Ram's Influence

This innovative scooter's essence lies in its design and ergonomics. The powertrain and battery are housed in a compact structure, integral to the strong cast aluminium chassis. With 14-inch wheels and a 120-section front tyre, plus a 150-section rear tyre, the scooter's sporty vibe is reminiscent of sports bikes.

The scooter's ergonomic design strikes a unique balance, taking inspiration from the comfort of maxi scooters and the performance commitment of sports bikes. Addressing a common rider concern, the seat's design ensures a secure thigh grip, enhancing rider confidence, particularly during dynamic and spirited rides. This focus on both comfort and performance underscores the scooter's dedication to delivering a well-rounded and thrilling riding experience for users.

Inspired by the strength and movement of a ram, this scooter's design seamlessly fits Ducati's unique style. By exploring different ways to shape the side panels and tail section, the result is a visually striking form that shows strength, forward heaviness, and a poised readiness to move.

The design symbolically connects with the determination and power of a ram, giving the scooter a feeling of strength and agility. The careful consideration in shaping the side panels and the tail section reflects a thoughtful process to create a visually appealing and unified design. This scooter isn't just a scooter; it represents strength and readiness, capturing Ducati's design essence in every curve and contour.

Aggressive, Sporty, and Distinctly Ducati

This scooter's final design is aggressive and sporty, reflecting the high-performance traits commonly found in Ducati motorcycles. The concentrated mass is positioned forward and low within the wheelbase, giving the rider seat and tail section a prominent rise from the main chassis, resembling the dynamic stance seen in sports bikes. Several unique features contribute to the overall design. Notably, air intakes beside the headlights take inspiration from a ram's eyes and horns, adding a distinctive touch. The scooter's rear showcases a sharp and athletic design, accompanied by sporty tail lamps that enhance its overall look. The seat is also crafted with a unique shape, prioritizing optimal rider comfort and providing an effective grip.

The aggressive and sporty design of this scooter not only aligns with Ducati's legacy of high-performance motorcycles but also incorporates distinctive elements inspired by the strength and symbolism of a ram. These details contribute to an overall aesthetic that emphasizes both style and functionality, creating a scooter that not only looks dynamic but also promises an engaging and comfortable riding experience. The Ducati Tempesta doesn't just boast a stylish appearance; it is equipped with a host of functional features. A sizable windshield is in place to ensure effective wind protection, prioritizing rider comfort during journeys. Complementing this, a fully digital colour display furnishes riders with crucial information, enhancing the overall riding experience through seamless access to key data. 

For added convenience, the charging port is strategically positioned below the steering column, offering an easily accessible point for recharging. This thoughtful placement reflects an emphasis on practicality and user-friendly design. Moreover, the Tempesta is designed with ample storage space, catering to the practical needs of riders who may want to carry essentials during their commutes or rides. 

Ducati Tempesta – Riding the Storm

The name "Ducati Tempesta" perfectly captures the exciting and dynamic riding experience of this electric scooter. Rooted in its Italian heritage, "Tempesta" means "storm," representing the powerful winds hitting the rider's face and chest, combined with the electrifying force driving the scooter forward. This chosen name by the designer aims to evoke a sense of excitement and energy similar to a storm. It not only honours the scooter's Italian roots but also acts as a metaphor for the intense and thrilling feelings riders can anticipate while cruising on the Ducati Tempesta. It symbolizes a blend of nature's power with Ducati's advanced technology and performance, ensuring riders feel a surge of energy and excitement with each ride.


Ducati's entry into the world of electric scooters with the Tempesta marks the dawn of a new era in innovation, seamlessly merging the brand's rich heritage with forward-thinking sustainability. Positioned at the forefront of this transformative wave, Ducati enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating the exhilarating experience that the Tempesta promises as the winds of change sweep through the motorcycle industry. This venture not only showcases Ducati's commitment to pushing boundaries but also signifies a bold step toward a more sustainable and thrilling future for riders.

About Designer

Sreejith  Kunjappan is a passionate enthusiast with a love for motorcycles and other two-wheeled vehicles. His journey in transportation design started in 2018 at Desmania Design in Manesar, India, where he worked as an Automotive Designer. Later he moved to Inteva Products as the Lead Product Designer for Automotive Interior Concepts. In 2022, he shifted the focus to motorcycle design and joined Orxa Energies as a Senior Motorcycle Designer.

His academic background includes a master's degree in transportation design from IAAD, Torino, pursued from 2014 to 2016. He also has a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala, India, completed from 2005 to 2009. This diverse professional and educational background has equipped him with a broad skill set and a deep understanding of design principles and engineering concepts.

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