One-seater SkyRyder Concept is designed to help you avoid long traffic jams in mega cities

Jul 01, 2024

In a time when city transportation faces big challenges, SkyRyder Concept is a new and innovative air mobility solution. This concept goes beyond traditional city travel, offering a futuristic option inspired by the Bauhaus idea of combining form and function. Its design allows access from rooftops, making it suitable for certified helicopter pads, approved building rooftops, or special towers for arrivals, departures, storage, and maintenance. With a sleek, timeless look, SkyRyder uses advanced automation and new technology to change how we move around cities. Imagine a city without traffic jams and long commutes—SkyRyder aims to make that a reality.

Disclaimer: This is a personal project from ARTUR DE MELO and not an official concept from any brand

In the interior, the SkyRyder is designed for ultimate comfort and ease of use. As a one-seater, it fits different body types very well. The seat uses pneumatic pistons covered in a stretchy material to adjust perfectly to your body. Before you get in, a quick body scan adjusts the seat for maximum comfort, and facial recognition handles access and payment smoothly. The process is as simple as booking a ride-share. Once the ride is booked, the fully autonomous SkyRyder takes over. There are no traffic jams to worry about, no idle small talk with a driver, just a precise estimated time of arrival (ETA) and a smooth, quiet journey. This combination of advanced technology and user-centric design makes SkyRyder Concept a standout in urban mobility solutions.

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SkyRyder's propulsion system uses bladeless technology similar to Dyson fans. The fan engine is inside the aircraft’s body, around the passenger, and along the Y-axis. Air inlets around the vehicle’s side draw in lots of air, which is then pushed out through two bladeless outer rings, providing lift and control. This design makes the flight nearly silent.

The Fluidic Propulsion System (FPS) in SkyRyder shows advanced engineering. It creates negative pressure zones around the rings to pull air through efficiently, increasing propulsion efficiency by over 10% and reducing fuel consumption by more than 50% compared to small turbojets. Bladeless propulsion systems offer a new approach to vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) design, removing the need for external propellers or ducted fans. This design also keeps passengers safe from moving parts during boarding and disembarking.

SkyRyder’s integration into the urban landscape is as impressive as its engineering. Inspired by the visionary Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer, the design of SkyRyder's infrastructure is both functional and aesthetically striking. The building housing SkyRyder’s operations stands taller than the surrounding skyscrapers, effectively minimizing noise pollution. The unique architecture includes a radial vehicle stacking system beneath a main lift bridge, where the aircraft are stored and recharged. The rooftop features an automated opening mechanism that operates when a SkyRyder is about to arrive or depart. Inside, passengers can relax on a stylish, glass-walled patio, enjoying the serene environment as they wait for their flight. This hub, with its blend of form and function, represents a new era in urban design. 

This air mobility concept is more than just a new transportation technology; it's a vision for the future of city living. By solving modern problems with innovative solutions, SkyRyder aims to make our cities more efficient and harmonious. Its ergonomic comfort, advanced automation, and unique propulsion design make it a leader in urban mobility. As cities grow, the need for new transportation solutions becomes urgent. SkyRyder Concept is ready to lead, offering a future where urban transportation improves the quality of city life. With SkyRyder, the future of urban mobility is not just an idea but a reality ready to take off.