DS Pearl: A project inspired by shellfish and pearls

DS Pearl

DS Pearl project took off when Minseok identified a term with the word “complex” that has a negative connotation in the current period. “Wouldn’t the complex of individual social inheritance develop further from the image of the current complex and become a personality that represents each person’s personality and lifestyle, not limited to their weaknesses or shortcomings?” was the first thing that sprang to his mind.

As a result, he dubbed one collection of components that he believed had a complex that represented an individual’s personality in society “Complex plex“. This inspired him to create a vehicle for this group. The subject of Build My Society was the inspiration for the first chapter of this design story. The goal of this DS Pearl project was to develop a vehicle that would exist in the worldview which is established with a single term without experiencing any practical issues.


Aphrodite Complex-plex

“The love and interest of others are essential for humans, who are social animals. However, the ideal appearance we imagine, and our appearance do not easily match. The stress from such inconsistency becomes complex and that complex becomes a desire. As a result, we need things that can exaggerate and express us. Like Aphrodite, the goddess of love“.

This is an article representing the desire and psychological state of the group with the Aphrodite complex which is set up by Minseok. As people desire to be noticed by others, much like superstars in this period and want their life to stand out from the crowd.

This results in the desire to create a vehicle capable of visualizing their wishes. Before designing, he considered the importance of this vehicle’s idea and arrived at this decision. This automobile will not only be a useful mode of transportation, but also an item that works as a stage where one wishes to stand out, similar to pearls in shells. It’s as though Aphrodite is treading on a clam.


Theme sketch

DS’s design philosophy visualizes its design identity with visually edgy and crisp designs, such as processed jewelry, but he intended to visualize DS’s design philosophy as a natural material design rather than processed jewelry. As a result, he was inspired by Aphrodite’s shellfish and pearls and began work on the design and that was the naming of the project i.e. DS Pearl

ideation sketch

The vehicle must be created in one seat, according to the concept of this automobile, and the entire construction of the vehicle surrounds and supports the driver. When the driver exits the truck, he will resemble the main figure standing on stage. Choosing the proportions of an attractive genuine luxury vehicle. The design was carried out by putting a design strap on the wrinkled surface, as well as the best-balanced design from a human perspective that was discovered as a drawing. However, if the wrinkled surface seems excessive, the design might become cluttered, therefore he concentrated the wrinkled surface on the vehicle based on the perspective and sought to balance the overall design of the vehicle with the softest feasible design.

side view sketch

The automobile wheel is created with wheel coverings to match the vehicle’s design purpose and reflected mood lighting visible in the front, side, and rear views embed ideas of pearls in the vehicle in the minds of others. When the driver gets on and off the car, it is constructed in a structure where the vehicle opens and closes, similar to the form of a clam opening, and thus displays the shape of a person in the vehicle, similar to a pearl in a clam. Finally, wherever the driver takes this car, it will be able to appear on stage and be highlighted.

  • interior render
  • rear view render
  • side view render
  • rear view sketch
  • DS rear side sketch
  • DS Pearl rear sketch
  • DS Pearl render
  • DS Pearl render

About Designer

Minseok Kim is a final-year industrial design student at Hoseo University in Korea. Starting with this endeavor, he hopes to demonstrate a wide range of in-depth outcomes and get a variety of experiences and chances. The project originated at the Automobile Design Academy in Korea. You can also follow his work at Behance

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