Emflux ONE : The Electric Ambition

Emflux one

After numerous questionnaires and discussions with the team, Mr. Vinay Raj Somashekhar (lead designer/co-founder) arrived at the words that would define the design language of the Emflux ONE and any potential future bikes from the company.  


Emflux one

Emflux wanted the Design of the motorcycle to represent the nature of Electric Vehicles – Silent and calm, but deadly when unleashed. The motorcycle would have sharp, aggressive lines and an imposing silhouette, but constituted by clean, minimal, and flowing surfaces.  

The Logo 

First letter of EMFLUX – E Also a Battery Pack (Symbolic). To Signify Electric at the core of everything we do. Tilted 45 deg upwards to the right to signify forward motion, upward flight, progress, and to have a little bit of a surprise element thanks to asymmetricity. Hyperbolic curves extending to Infinity. To signify that, with Electric Technology at our core, the possibilities are not only multidirectional, but also, endless. They wanted the logo to have an open-ended nature as against a self-contained closed one. There is soft radii at the corners to give the brand a more mature, endearing, and luxurious feel. Soft, rounded typography (modified from the font Space Age) to give it a futuristic yet luxurious feel.  

Package, Chassis, Geometry  

Before even starting the ideation for the Emflux ONE, it was important to set the foundation upon which the entire bike would have to be eventually built. After receiving some basic inputs on the size of the battery pack and the motor, the team started building the first iteration of the chassis, the subframe, and the swingarm, and handed it over to the mechanical engineers so that they could start building the first version of a mechanically sound frame that would be based upon the concept I initially created.

Speed Sketch  

In parallel, Mr. Vinay had already started working on the form of the motorcycle based on the design direction that he had set earlier. Some of these speed-sketches helped him lock in on the silhouette and stance of the Emflux ONE. He wanted the bike to have a bold and confident stance with a high raked tail. At this stage, He was not too concerned about surfaces. Ideation would address that. 

Design Refinement  

Emflux one

The Emflux ONE went through some pretty major design changes after the Auto Expo. These changes significantly improved not only the stance and proportion of the bike, but also the ergonomics and comfort. The design looks even sharper, cleaner, more focused, and even more in line with the design direction we set early on. 

The Emflux TWO  

In tandem with the development of the Emflux ONE in getting it ready for Homologation and Production, Emflux also started working on a Naked Streetfighter version of it called the Emflux TWO. To the left is a concept sketch, and to the right is the first iteration of the design built on 3D with polygon modeling. The subframe was changed for this bike, and the geometry was altered to make it more street-friendly. 

The Emflux WARP Charger  

Emflux one

Emflux also designed a range of EVSE units as part of our development process. This wall-mounted fast charger that we call the ‘WARP Charger’ was one of them. Co-designed with Aaqil Rayn who built the Alias Model. 

This is the ONE  

Emflux one
Emflux one

A rush of some of the most powerful emotions on the planet can be experienced all at Once while riding a Sportsbike. So, how about we dial this up a notch? Every Once in a while, humankind hits the refresh button on the technologies they use as their daily drivers, and this results in a cascading effect of new products that revolutionize entire industries. Because of this, humankind takes that One tiny but significant step towards the next stage of their evolution as an intelligent sentient species.  

Emflux one
Emflux one

The auto industry has been running on Fossil Fuels for a very long time, and these fuels have slowly inched towards their eventual replacement in the form of something much better when the time is right – Electric Technology – and that right time is now.  One chance to change everything for the better. One opportunity to be seized before it vanishes. One goal to be achieved to make a difference. One target to hit right in the bullseye. One beautiful vision for the future of the human race. And just maybe, One product to help us on our journey there. This is the Emflux ONE. 

The Emflux Design Team

Vinay Raj Somashekar (Concept & Lead Designer)
Shashank lyer (Lead Alias Modeler)
Sai Praneeth (Alias Modeler)
Aaqil Rayn (Alias Modeler)
Prathamesh Bharati (Alias Modeling Intern)
Saurabh Tupe (Alias Modeling Intern)
Gopalakrishna (Physical Model Maker)


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