Ferrari 296 GTB : Fun to Drive

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At a digital event, the Ferrari 296 GTB was launched, for Ferrari the automobile is a true revolution in introducing a new motor alongside the 8- and 12-cylinder drives, a 663 hp turbocharger of 120°V6 and an electric motor that can supply 122 kW more (167 hp). This is the first 6-cylinder engine for a car carrying the Prancing Horse badge in history: its overall performance of 830 horsepower is unique, with an original and exciting sound. The 296 GTB’s PHEV technology offers a high usability, null-pedal response, and 25 km full-electricity.


The design of the Ferrari 296 GTB comes from the Ferrari Styling Center’s aim to re-establish the identity of the mid-arrival double-seater Berlinetta with an exceptionally compact form with a unique and modern appearance. The 296 GTB is certainly the smallest Berlinetta from Maranello in the previous decade, because of its short wheelbase and its monolithically designed architecture. In favour of the development of a cabin architecture that seems spectacular visually – the combined effect of the short wheelbase and the placement of elements, such as very muscular wings the visor-style windscreen, robust flying buttresses and a new vertical rear screen which led to the dismissal of the traditional Berlinetta fastback design. These proportions also provide an innovative cabin silhouette that dominates the vehicle’s overall view.


At the maiden appearance of the automobile from the rear 3-quarter, the design and performance of the 296 GTB are clearly visible. A cutting line of the roof, the composition of the floating supports and the muscle of the wings underline the intense connections between the body and cabin. The outcome is an extremely small automobile where the interior is clearly integrated into the volumes around.


The 296 GTB beauty and sinuous muscle of the wings are seen on the side. There is a distinct line that snaps in air from which a type of muscle extrusion is created that emphasises more definitive characteristics along the doors. This cross section of the rear wing is designed to guarantee that the air stream reaching the spoiler meets the appropriate flow rate for aerodynamic performance.


The front volumes of the 296 GTB are highly pure, clean, and exceptionally compact, which requires careful surface geometry. The headlights drew their inspiration from the “teardrop-shaped” headlights of the past. On the 296 GTB, this styling theme is portrayed through two “faired-in teardrops” which are set into the front of the car like jewels. 


The cockpit of the 296 GTB was designed around the innovative concept that Ferrari originally made on the SF90 Stradale. The computer interface is completely different. This interior design is based on the aesthetic coherence of the latter’s shapes. The designers intended to emphasise the presence of state-of-the-art technology and underline a distinct departure with the past with the SF90 Stradale: in the case of the 296 GTB, the goal was to sophistize this technology. The outcome is a pure, minimalist connotation with a strong elegance which precisely reflects the external design on the aesthetic level. The 296 GTB cabin pushes to new heights the notion of the formal pureness of the functional aspects. The onboard gauges become dark in formal terms when the engine is off, complementing the cabin’s basic appearance. The magnificent technological materials on functional components are added to the exclusive Italian leather trim to the seats and trim.

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Aerodynamic and weight reduction features such as multimedia dampers from GT racing with fixed settings optimised for track use, high-load Carbon Fibre aids on the front bumper and a wide use of lightweight material on the outside and inside the 296 GTB can further enhance the performance of this unit.


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