Geely Design Vision Contest

Geely Design Vision Contest

Do you consider yourself to be a person who is passionate about creating unique designs. Then this is the chance to showcase your talent and worth to the people of the world. Put on your thinking hats and join the contest to present your unique and fresh design concept to the people of the world. Geely Design Visions is a public online event that brings together some of the best creative minds to present their unique design for the future of cars. The more fantastic the idea, the better. You pitch your early car design idea or mobility concept to a group of judges from Geely Design, who will ask you questions and provide you with proper feedback. The winner will get an exclusive feedback and development session with the members of Geely Design team.

In addition to this, the winner will get global exposure to the design vision through the Geely Group. Geely Group is interested in seeing early design concepts, so they put no restrictions on who can apply for a spot in this event. Even if you already are an automotive designer with years of experience or an individual with a passion for automotive design or mobility concepts. Send them a short description of your design vision with picture(s) and your contact details. The criteria to apply for this are to, Be automotive or mobility focused. Deciding over yourself the context for the design, It is an early stage, immature concept which is adapting a futuristic concept, Must be easy to explain the purpose and how it will benefit the future consumers and be passionate about one’s vision expressing the idea as easily as possible.

Geely Design Vision Contest

There are some criteria that must not be present in the design such as, being complicated as one has to express their vision in a few minutes, being too developed like if it has a prototype, it is probably too developed for the purposes of this event and be concerned about the sensitive IP-protected content as this event will be open to the public, so ideas will be shared freely.

January 31st, 2022Submission deadline
February 1-28th, 2022Selection of pitchers
March 14th, 2022Event rehearsal with the pitchers in Zoom
March 17th, 2022Geely Design Visions online event in Zoom
About Organizers

Geely Design is a multicultural global network of studios dedicated to supporting the efforts of Geely Auto Group sub brands including Geely Auto, Lynk & Co, LEVC, PROTON and Lotus.

Oulu Automotive Cluster is an open ecosystem where companies and research institutes co-develop solutions for electric cars, autonomous driving and new business models for mobility.

Mingle Advisors is a Finnish business advisory company helping companies to enter the Chinese market with Finnish sisu and Chinese characteristics.

These organizations are responsible for the organizing this event and encourages the new potential designers to come forward.

If anybody has queries regarding the event or need assistance in submission please, contact Ms. Eija Hämäläinen: [email protected]

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