Genesis GV60: The Electric Crossover

Genesis’s first electric car based on its unique electric platform EGMP (Electric Global Modular Platform) is GV60, which the brand has recently unveiled. The GV60’s exterior design emphasizes its dynamic, sleek look and outstanding performance. Genesis styles its GV60 body respecting the brand’s design philosophy, which provides the elegant look that drivers expect from the brand.


The front fascia of the GV60 is designed with an entirely electric vehicle optimal design. The different Two-Line Quad Lamps provide a sophisticated and bulky body character. A broader and sportier Crest Grille is present under the quad lamps to highlight the dynamic efficiency of the car and also to improve the refrigeration efficiency of the high-voltage batteries underneath.

For the first time, genesis decided on a ‘Clamshell Hood,’ a single panel that blends the hood with panels to provide a streamlined look for the EV model by erasing lines between the components.

When we see the vehicle from the sides, GV60 displays a very high-performance cut’s sleek and expressive profile. A basic yet crisp shape, along the front of the car to the rear wings, adds a gradual character. A C-pillar-garnish design is truly portraying the electric image, providing a distinctive characteristic to the EV model, which is extended by the chrome lines running from the windscreen to the top of the Daylight opening. However, when you approach the automobile, an electronic door handle creates a stunningly futuristic picture.

On the back, two identical rear combo lights are shaped dynamically and are flowing with the massive three-dimensional body smoothly. The rear section additionally has a rear wing spoiler to emphasize a cut-shaped roof that adds a high-performance dynamic appearance. The volume of the shoulder in the rear fender is stressed to design a simple and broader profile, which adds to the high-performing image through combination with technology functions such as different sensors and taillights


The interior design of GV60, while striving to provide a pleasant and large interior, embraces the Genesis design concept of the ‘Beauty of White Space.’ At the same time, its hovering architecture and distinctive features reflect a distinctive aesthetic. One of the interesting features is the Crystal Sphere, a sphere-like Shift by Wire (SBW) that will rotate and provides drivers with understandable information and an outstanding interior environment when the car is ready to leave. The Crystal Sphere also delivers environmental illumination when the car is switched off, which adds beauty to the driving experience.

If you look at the Floating Console which is positioned near the Crystal Sphere, it seems like flying in the air to provide passengers with the maximum opportunity, using other distinctive characteristics such as a compact cabin and smooth flooring.

The dashboard of this vehicle is intended to increase pleasure to the interior of the broad and slender GV60 and emphasizes a high-tech environment with an embedded wide-screen indicator (cclC, integrated cockpit linked cockpit). The design of the Crystal Sphere, horn cover, doorknobs, and side mirror controls has also clearly demonstrated the consistency in interior design.



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