GM Expands Its China Design Studio

GM (General Motors), Shanghai, China


On Monday GM announced the expansion of its design studio in China, which is now only focused on the production of electric and connected vehicles, instead of the design of petrol vehicles. The decision is made by the fact que, by 2035, the largest car manufacturer in the world is preparing to phase out gas- and diesel-fueled vehicles in its fleet. It also helps GM to deliver recurring software and service revenues long after selling the initial product like Apple Inc. by, for example, selling EV battery charging and switching services. 


In the US and China, GM is planning to sell more than a million electric vehicles (EVs) by 2025. Last month, the company reported spending $35 billion on electricity and drivers by 2025, up 75% by March 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic suffocated the industry. A modern studio on the same campus as GM Chinese technology center in Shanghai was created to refurbish the newly developed design studio. It is one of the world’s three companies designing future GM cars. 

The Studio has almost doubled to 5 000 square meters, and it is committed to increasing its design staff. The company has not divulged the number of new employees. The team now includes less than 40 designers, digital and physical modelers, professionals of virtual reality and supporters, according to a near-to-business source. 

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