HELIX MOTORS: Car and Motorcycle Combined – A NEW DNA BORN

Helix Motors

Introduction: Helix Motors

Helix Motors – To adapt to our changing world and lifestyle, new choices in personal mobility must surface.  No longer is it sustainable to transport one person, the driver, in traditional 4-wheel cars.  The empty 4+ seats adversely contribute to congestion in traffic, inefficient parking, and wasted natural resources. Autocycle Inc., dba Helix Motors is creating a revolutionary new class of vehicles, a three-wheeled electric autocycle, that solves these issues by combining the best features and latest technologies of automotive and motorcycle.

“Be the change you want to drive!”

Helix Motors

Helix was born from the passion to create a more sustainable, efficient, and exciting way to drive. Fully enclosed with one motorcycle wheel in front and two car wheels in the rear, the beautiful aerodynamic shape also helps reduce traffic congestion and pollution, optimize road and parking spaces and help conserve our natural resources by reducing fuel and energy consumption.


Helix Motors’ small talented team of creative designers have gone through many design iterations to decode the most efficient and sleek design to suit the needs of our ever-evolving world.   Previously, Helix collaborated with the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) in Barcelona and Italy, undergoing many design iterations from an international viewpoint. Currently, on their social media, Helix Motors continues to take consumer feedback into account for aesthetic preferences and offerings such as available colours, seat design, steering wheel shape, and even door style. Their social media also includes behind-the-scenes looks into the design process of aesthetics and construction, as well as highlighting vehicle innovation, motivation, and history.

Helix Motors

By combining the DNA of motorcycle and car, Helix Motors is creating a blend of speed, agility, fun and power without compromising efficiency, comfort, and safety. Supported by world-renowned and award-winning engineering teams, including Bosch Engineering in Germany, Helix is able to overcome obstacles traditionally faced by three-wheeled vehicles. With an innovative patented robotic tilt and self-balancing core system, the Helix is targeting a 300 miles-per-gallon electric equivalent, with an estimated range of 200 miles. Additionally, Helix’s aerodynamic design is poised to reach speeds of 100 MPH as the autocycle efficiently cuts through the air.


Helix’s patented robotic tilt system allows this 3-wheeler to lean into turns while maintaining its balance, offering the integrated manoeuvrability of motorcycles.

Unique safety features including but not limited to daytime running LED light system, side-impact rails, a roll cage, seatbelts, airbags, safety sensors, as well as an active driver-assist and lane departure warning are also planned features of the autocycle.  Fully-enclosed the Helix offers all-weather protection and comfort of a car.  During our discussion with the Helix Team, they said that additional fun, comfort and entertainment features are in the planning.  Some options discussed include surround sound audio, heating and cooling seats and more.

The price for a Helix is currently estimated at $15,990 to $25,990, factoring in considerations such as green project government subsidies, production volume, changing price of batteries, etc.  This affordable 2-in-1 symphony of a car and motorcycle can be driven with a normal driver’s license, legally travel on HVO (carpool) lanes with just the driver alone, and as it is fully enclosed, no helmet is required.

Future Endeavors

Helix Motors’ current goal is to raise awareness, build a community of like-minded forward thinkers and gain consumer interest and feedback to create the best version of Helix. While backed by reputed companies and industry professionals, the Helix Motors team is still an early-stage company of passionate individuals looking to earn contributions to get this vehicle on the road. By visiting Helix Motor’s website, you can show your support or earn Reward Points by joining the Helix interest list, referring friends, and participating in events.

Helix merchandise can be purchased or redeemed with Reward Points, as a token of appreciation from the Helix team to supporters. With consumer interest data and support, they hope to expedite the process of finalizing the Helix vehicle and to pursue their mission statement of changing the way we drive. For more information, subscribe to their newsletter.

Company: Autocycle Inc. dba Helix Motors

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The Helix Vehicle Specs*: Helix Motors

Electric Drive

Top speed: 100 mph  

Acceleration 0-60MPH   in 6.4 SEC   

Range 200 Miles  

Length: 11.5 FT  

Width: 3 FT  

Maximum height: 5’ 2”  

Weight: 1570 LBS  

Tires: Front 18” Rear 20” 

*Helix Autocycle Estimated Price: $15,990 to $25,990 depending on consumer interest, production volume and government incentives

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