RUSSIA’S MOST POPULAR CAR – The first production automobile, the UAZ-452, known as the “Loaf,” came off the assembly line of the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant at the end of January Since then, the “Loaf” has gained popularity in the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation since it is the roomiest SUV in the budget sector. Due to the lack of standard roads, circumstances, and infrastructure for travelling by conventional automobile in many places of Russia, “Loaf” was and continues to be quite significant.


Despite the Soviet car industry’s detractors, the UAZ-452 proved to be a true all-terrain vehicle. During testing with several body choices, the automobile went across the Karakum desert, and the Pamir mountains in Asia, and reached the true north pole in Yakutia – Oymyakon, where the temperature dips to -60 degrees. However, “Loaf” did not give up and successfully passed all of the rigorous tests. To adapt to the Far North’s environment, the sanitary version of the UAZ was somewhat changed; they installed double glass and insulated the roof, floor, and sides. So, in terms of survivability, the Soviet UAZ may outperform many modern automobiles.

Few people are aware that “Loaf” was a failed military hero. It’s about a cold war between the United States and the Soviet Union when all possible techniques were deployed and nuclear war loomed. Then, on orders from the Ministry of Defence, the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant created the 452 models, which were designed to transport patients away from radiation-contaminated areas.

There were five spaces in the automobile for a stretcher. Although a nuclear war never occurred, the UAZ-452 was nonetheless utilised to transport patients of the Chornobyl nuclear power plant catastrophe, and one of the car’s modifications was used for a long time to operate in an ambulance. Despite its benefits and operational options, the “Loaf” cannot be classified as a city car or a daily driver.

A gasoline engine consumes more fuel than many current automobiles, and the noise level is unlikely to impress neighbours and people. Furthermore, the UAZ-452 is irreversibly old, and it would be really good to give it a new appearance.


The UAZ-452 has been in production for approximately 57 years and is still in demand in Russia and the nations of the former USSR. That’s why he decided to create a UAZ CONCEPT in the manner of retro-futurism while preserving the image of the original UAZ-452 so that it would remain a “Loaf” in the eyes of the general public. The profile of the automobile, the placement of the headlights, the glazing, as well as the form of a radiator and wheel arches, all reflect the image of the previous model.

Because the UAZ is a budget sector of SUVs, the external design adhered to basic, occasionally angular shapes, so that the appearance of the automobile appeared simpler, more succinct, and less expensive to construct.

The two-toned body accentuates the following elements: a bumper under the radiator; single-level headlamps; and a rear strut that mimics an aeroplane’s tail wing. In addition, a unique colour combination will make the UAZ stand out from the crowd. On the technical side, the objective was to keep the existing model’s base and engine. Regardless, He chose to lengthen the rear section to enhance trunk capacity and raise the headliner to provide a more comfortable and secure fit. Because of the minor increase in the body, it appears appropriate to insert wider wheels for improved stability, as well as larger wheels for aesthetics.


The notion of comfort and utility was very different when the cabin of the UAZ-452 was designed. As a result, he committed to contemporary customer demands when designing the inside of UAZ CONCEPT. As a consequence, he designed basic yet comfortable chairs, the placement of which allows for space for legs and bags. There are also panels that provide information for the driver as well as entertainment for the passengers. Because of the danger of getting soiled, the inside colours are dark and inconspicuous.


Andrey Strakhov, 21 years old, from Moscow, Russia. He loves cars, especially German cars because they have been a part of his life since he was a child. He has also always enjoyed drawing cars, which is why he is currently studying as a transport designer on the 4th course at Stroganov’s Moscow State University of Industry and Arts and will graduate this summer. He is excited to study and work in the field of automotive design since it allows him to express his thoughts and dreams. He hopes that in the future, he will be able to complete some initiatives.


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