HV-001: It’s a Naked Car

HV-001 is not just a naked car. It’s more than an object that provides us with mobility.

Design Story

From an Architect with a multidisciplinary mindset who is trying to crosses boundaries between architecture, art, and other design disciplines, whether it is Automotive, Jewelry, Fashion, or product design.

The HV-001 comes as a concept design made to join a car design competition, even though the competition was mainly focused more on the rendering part of the work, It was a chance to come up with an original car design that envisions how a sports car with futuristic, exotic, and rare aesthetics inspired by biomorphism, can look like shortly.

latest car designs concept
The design started with an initial idea and some rough sketches and then moved to 3D for further development through a form-finding process, in hybrid modeling workflow techniques mixed between polygonal and procedural modeling.


Nature can be an excellent resource for inspiration. There are many natural patterns that can be applied to automotive design, like incorporating natural forms, textures, or materials into the design, which is an excellent way to appeal to consumers while making the design stand out from the crowd.

It is noticeable that the car is a resemblance to a natural element or living creature, The flow of the curvy interweaving and sensuous lines from head to tail, creates a sense of movement and fluidity that matches the design vision in embodying biomorphism aesthetics.


While some people may scoff at this design, there are plenty of others who will appreciate the vision behind it. This unconventional sports car was designed for the one-percenters who are looking for something different and appreciate the aesthetics of a vehicle.

A car is not just a car. It’s more than an object that provides us with mobility; it’s also a work of art created for our admiration. Like most other things in life, they are born out of need, but they transcend this need to become something greater. They’re created to be admired for their beauty and aesthetics, and there are some designs that exist to inspire awe.

The external body of the car is layered in a pattern that interacts with the body flow ranging between visible and hidden along the curvature of the surfaces, which embodies the feeling of natural patterns or living creature’s skin, while it’s related to the structural characteristics of the car body.

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Short brief

Ayoub Ahmad is an Architect & Computational designer interested in complex geometries, digital fabrications, and advanced design methodologies, continuously exploring the ability to connect various design workflows with computational strategies, and parametric modeling techniques to facilitate design complexities, and how that empowers the Idea of multidisciplinary design.

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