HydroFly X : Matthias Wondrak

The main idea behind the Tricopter-Drone Concept is that it combines the advantages of a drone and a Hydrofoil boat. Hydrofly X is part of his creative “What if” artworks that he creates with Blender and Unreal Engine.

One of the main innovations of Hydrofly X is that it has a unique way for passengers to enter. The fishbone inspired structure under the glass roof gives the cabin enough structural support to open half of the cabin. There are two passenger seats in front and two hammocks inspired sleeping beds behind. Being able to move also on the water, Hydrofly X could also be part of a solution to create new affordable Livingspace offshore. Eco-friendly communities on the ocean could be one vision.


The exploded view shows all the modelled details that were necessary for the animation. Building the large scale ocean and the environment from scratch was part of his modelling process as well.


During a Sabbatical, Matthias taught himself Poly-modeling and how to create animations. Working efficient and effective is crucial, especially when you work for Chinese clients, he says. For him, the main advantage in modelling your own Design is, that it speeds up the design process dramatically and it helps to communicate more clearly with the surface modelers”.


Getting there was not always easy. For his drone project, he decided to go with Blender for the animation. He believes that Software like Blender is the perfect tool for designers, because it got very intuitive and is now much easier to operate. Never the less you need to have experience within design in order to not overdo it, he says.


His animations also include licensed music to support the mood of the project. As a kid, he developed a penchant to create his own little movies. Bringing more emotions to a 3D Design review is his motivation now. “Most people don’t know but sometimes entertaining the leadership/investors of a company is part of a designer´s job as well, especially within an automotive start-up”, he says. Currently, he likes to dive deeper into the capabilities of Unreal Engine. He believes that working as a Car Designer will become more and more interdisciplinary in the future.

About Designer

Matthias Wondrak is an exterior Car Designer who has extensive background working in Germany as well as China. After graduating in 2010 from Munich University, he started to work for Mercedes-Benz Technology. He later took on the challenge to work for Chinese Startup Borgward and moved to Shanghai to join Human Horizon’s Hiphi Brand. After returning to Germany Matthias started his own business. www.wondrak-design.com

Between Client projects, he likes to discover the latest features of Blender and Unreal Engine to combine the advantages in his own technology-driven design process.

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