Ikea Utility Scoot : Amiparn Mudgal


The recent COVID situation made Amiparn realize a lot of things. When he was quarantined at home, he never stopped looking for inspirations and that’s when he started noticing things in his house which he would have overlooked otherwise. In these hard times when all the cafes and the public places are closed, how can we make the experience of socializing better? Why not take our Ikea furniture outside of our home and make our own socializing space away from the crowd ? 

The IKEA Utility Scoot is an amalgamation of few such ideas. A humble approach towards creating a mobility solution in the form of a minimal and a subtly designed scooter which can be used in multiple ways in and outside our homes.  

The initial inspiration board, Idea and a quick photomanipulation for setting up the design theme of the scooter.  

Inspiration for the Cargo mode and it’s different variations. The vehicle can be used to transport goods in various ways. The rear seat can double up as a space for carrying luggage and the internal storage can be revamped according to the user’s needs. The user can choose the type of storage they want while customizing their vehicle at the time of booking it on the IKEA UTILITY SCOOT app or the IKEA STORE itself. 


The Instrument Cluster which balances out the overall minimal and subtle design language of the scooter.  


The Swing Arm and the Extendable Battery outlet for wireless Charging which also doubles up as the stand for the vehicle balancing it out. 


The Alternative Charging port on the vehicle comes handy when you don’t have the wireless charging option, which is the main power input for the vehicle. 


The body is designed with elements balancing each other out. The overall simple and straight lines helps to slim down the overall look of the body.  

About Designer

 Amiparn Mudgal is a 23 year old Transportation Designer from Bhopal, India currently based in Mumbai. He is currently working as a Bike designer for BANDIT9 Motors, A Vietnam based Bike Company which specializes in bespoke and exclusive one-off motorcycles.  He has done his Bachelor’s in Transportation Design from DSK ISD, Pune (India). He has previously interned at Lunatic Koncepts, Pune and have an avid interest in fashion and footwear design as well. 

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