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Inktank Academy is having a moment in Online Learning, a big moment. From finishing that high school degree to upping your 3D skills there seems to be a market for every aspect of further learning. It’s nice to see that our minds still hunger for information, given it’s practically at our disposal 24/7, but what has changed is that we want a professional human, face-to-face, to give us the experience of learning.

We have become so saturated with impersonal experiences that we yearn for the personal touch, for individual guidance, for human contact (albeit online!). Inktank.Academy, the ultimate online car design learning platform, has seen that change come to fruition in real-time. No one could have imagined that online learning alone could change the course of people’s lives and livelihoods.

Meet-up with 2 students

  1. Dennis Rozyk

Meet Dennis Rozyk, who is from Germany, and like many who get the car design bug, he also loved cars from the young age of 5 and admittedly inherited his ability to draw from his father. Whilst studying product design at Wismar, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Dennis managed to intern and complete his degree thesis at VW’s research and development department. Unable, as yet, to get a permanent job at VW he has worked as a design consultant and joined Inktank Academy through a Facebook challenge as a pro-active course to help him make his way back to his dream job of being a car designer.

During his time, he developed a design project called R13 (Polaris One) inspired by nature conservation which is a passion of his. Increasing the surface area of ice on the planet is one approach to minimizing global warming as it reflects more sunlight and cools the earth’s surface. Dennis conceived an electrically powered vehicle that would be powered by induction fields and live in this man-made iced environment; it should be easy to handle and quick to repair, hence the simple and honest shape.

The process at Inktank is very good and was exactly what I was looking for as further studies were out of the question for me. The variety of the course content helped me a lot to develop the skills. I have continously developed my skills and hoping to make into Volkswagen at some point.

Dennis Rozyk, Student at Inktank Academy

This is certainly true! If you take a quick look at Dennis’s design and drawing skills, which have grown tremendously over the course of his time at Inktank. He has taken advantage of the platform’s open tutorial system and taken many of the courses available which have helped him in improving.

2. Carlos Puerta

Another student, Carlos Puerta, from Spain, is an automotive project engineer with 8 years of experience in concept development and studio engineering tasks. He also found his passion for cars at a young age when he noticed his school notes were actually covered with car doodles. He found Inktank.Academy whilst googling for car design schools and found the flexible format fit into his full-time job schedule.

In collaboration with Inktank.Live 1-to-1 live tutoring he developed a concept called Nuclear Elastic String. Carlos was exploring the possibility of a hypercar that could provide the driver with a new experience through elastic G forces while racing. Inspiration hit him at midnight (we know that feeling…always keep a sketch pad ready!), a few days after starting his live tutoring and having reviewed Daniel Simon’s racer books and Gran Turismo’s concepts. He sketched the N.E.String there and then integrating VR and futuristic nuclear fusion minicells to make the project that extra bit disruptive.

There are no timetables so you can make it flexible to your free time and adapt it as you want. But what really convinced me about joining the program was that Inktank’s main team show a wide experience on the field and make constant collaborations with recogniswd car design professionals.

Carlos Puerta, Student at Inktank Academy

It’s important to be able to improve one’s skills or reroute your career sometimes and it has never been easier than today with such fluid technology accessible universally. What is a bit harder is sifting through the noise of what is available and the quality of what you are paying for, or sometimes not. Usually, word of mouth or a friend’s recommendation helps. For these two students, it certainly has made a world of difference. Maybe it’s time for you guys to test drive Intank for yourself!

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