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Inktank Academy based in Machteberg, Germany is an online car design learning platform founded by Jannis Carius and Peter ten Klooster. Launched in 2018 Intank Academy has grown to be the pre-eminent online resource for learning how to become a professional car designer (yes, it’s a real job!…can you believe it?). The platform is powered by some very smart digital tools to optimize the user’s experience which is ultimately to develop anyone’s ambition to become a pro car designer.

Video filming set up showing Thomas Lienhart doing his tutor thing!

The beauty and mission of Inktank are to open the door to anyone who aspires to ‘do’ car design. If you are a newcomer to cars but are curious. If you are a product designer and want to make the transition into the auto industry. If you are already a car designer and want to learn a new skill or polish that portfolio then Inktank enables that journey universally. Studying car design can be intimidating but mostly limited by location and finances, but at Inktank, those barriers are eased. There are no entry requirements and any fees are more competitive than any bricks and mortar institution. That said, you are being taught by tutors who are specialists in their auto industry field like Peter Wouda, Future Design Director at, VW. Mitja Borkert, Head of Design at Lamborghini, or Michael Silbereis, Interior Designer at Porsche.

Founders Jannis Carius and Peter ten Klooster, both from product design backgrounds met at Royal College of Art London’s Transportation Design course. They came to the realization that there was a need for this kind of platform. Whilst working at Jaguar Land Rover and Schweizer Design Consulting respectively students were asking them for advice and recommendations on how to get into and what it was like to work in the industry. Jannis and Peter couldn’t refer them anywhere for lack of time and online resources. They joined forces with this common seed as impetus and began the construction of their vision. What they didn’t know was that leaders of design at car companies were also feeling that a resource, the likes of Inktank, was missing. Once Jannis and Peter got in touch with these designers which are now tutors, they were surprised at the positive feedback and help they received in creating content.

Zhichiroy-merc-IT-intro-2021-12.jpg – Mercedes AMG project by member Zhichiroy from concept to sketch to photoshop rendering.

What you are seeing today is a mature and professional platform full of specialist tutors from the car industry waiting to level your talents up backed by a community of like-minded students. Covid pushed Inktank Academy into the mainstream. Almost everyone in the world tuned into online and Inktank was ready for it. Whilst original content was originally filmed on location at VW or in pro studios Covid has kickstarted the advent of self-filming with better equipment and software. This has allowed Inktank to expand accessibility to more tutors around the world whilst keeping the equation of high-quality production and top experienced design tutors that makes up Inktank’s eco-system. Students from Europe, India, Australia, Eastern Europe, South American, the Middle East, and the USA can share and post their work in progress on the platform’s community forum, and all the associated social media platforms. This year they even leveled themselves up and introduced where you get one-to-one lessons online with the pros!

MaXxout-Audi-Sleek renders by Inktank student MaXxout displays balance and performance.

Inktank has changed and can change lives, this is the bottom line. Life happens and things can get in the way of the dreams and desires you have as a child, or even as a grown-up. Covid has fast-tracked all our online lives and so our options for self-education and advancement are much enhanced. Transformational technology and ingenuity are allowing people to rekindle these dreams and make them their own and make them real. ‘The Great Resignation’ is real! People have realized they want to be more emotively in touch with their work, which is where they spend their lives. At Inktank Academy anyone can design cars, you just need the right platform and sleep yourself motivated.


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