Koenigsegg Vision GT : Arjun Kurunji


Koenigsegg are known for throwing punches at Italian dominated supercars. The very first Prototype CC played a pivotal role in doing so. This project is aimed at future aesthetics required for the brand to take on the fight in electric power train arena. Taking inspiration from the Prototype CC, Koenigsegg Vision GT pays a homage to its first predecessor.



There is no other place which is breathtaking than the cockpit of a fighter jet. Inorder to emulate fighter pilot like experience, cockit is pushed as further as possible. This will keep the driver thrilled, all the time.


Frontal face will instantly make you recognize that this car is a Koenigsegg. Strong horizontal facial graphic which is taken from the Prototype Cc, clearly portrays the attitude of the vehicle.

Side is all about speed. Just like how perfect ingredients help in cooking a perfect meal, every feature on the side helps in cooking fast aesthetics. Body is carved in such a way that there is very less hate between the vehicle and air.

Rear is about spoilers and diffusers along with purposeful lamps placed at the corners to emphasize the width of the car.



When the jet like canopy opens, it wouldn’t take you long to notice those bright yellow seat. yes! just like an egg!

About Designer

Arjun Kurunji is currently a designer at Maruti Suzuki India. He was responsible for various construction machinery design during his tenure at Escorts Agri Machinery. He has interned at Tata Elxsi and is an alumni of UPES School of Design, Dehradun. His hometown is Sullia, India.

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