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Lancelot Streetfighter Concept is born from an idea of a unique set of limited editions, that will be marked and named differently but together they will belong to a group of high-end products. As the name itself alludes, it’s all about the brotherhood and the single strong unity that in ancient times was called “Knights of the round table”. The thought is to create 12 series of motorcycles that will carry the name of each knight, and each model will be limited to a certain number,(most likely it will be again number 12) and will carry the emblem and name of that particular knight.


As a designer Marko found a strong resemblance between the knights of the ancient time and the motorcycle brotherhood in the past and as well in present, so he decided to design special series of motorcycles.


“I began with Lancelot, being my favorite knight (in that way I think each motorbike driver will find its own resemblance within the 12 knights)”

Marko Petrovic, Designer, Lancelot.

Also, the idea that connects the story with the design is that each model is an actual bike from the past that has been taken, stripped completely, and turned into a whole new bike, so it can be called the old knight that has been upgraded to meet the present, by the look, design and the performances.


Lancelot is designed with a strong attitude, bold lines, and an aggressive armor look that surrounds the whole body, with blue/sliver coloring and red detailing that match Lancelot’s knight emblem.


Everything is designed carefully and with a touch of uniqueness, side fairings, tank, and especially front led headlight.

As a designer, Mark would like to see this model come to life and he will start next year building a very first prototype which components will most likely be 3d printed. And in the meantime, he will work on other model designs to introduce other knights and merge them eventually into one whole unit.  

About Designer

Marko Petrovic is a Serbian designer, founder of MarkDesignStudio, and chief designer at Devon works. His passion for design is oriented toward mobility, thus He does work in his spare time in the field of architectural design and product design as well Love designing watches, cars, motorbikes, aircraft, and yachts. His dream is to set up his own brand related to luxury mobility.

He has graduated from the faculty of fine arts and philosophy in Kragujevac and did his master’s in Domus Academy in Milan Italy where he got a scholarship prize in 2010. You can follow more of his work on Behance and Instagram

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