Lancia Pu+Ra H.P.E revealed: Here’s what you need to know

Lancia Pu+Ra H.P.E – Today, Lancia unveils Lancia Pu+Ra H.P.E., the brand’s 10-year vision that ushers it into the era of electric mobility and captures the conception and experience of the automobile. The cooperation with Cassina, a pioneer in the upmarket furniture sector, for an authentically Italian “home feeling” experience, resulted in Lancia Pu+Ra H.P.E., the first automobile to be influenced by the furniture business.

Lancia Pu+Ra H.P.E is one of its kind concepts to be inspired by furniture

Lancia Pu+Ra H.P.E

The new Ypsilon will be the first vehicle to include the S.A.L.A. virtual interface, now only found in the Lancia Pu+Ra H.P.E. The Chameleon and TAPE (Tailored Predictive Experience) technologies, which centralise the audio, climate control, and lighting functions and enable the interior environment of the car to be changed at the touch of a button or by the sound of your voice, will also be adopted by Lancia as the first Stellantis brand, thanks to S.A.L.A.. The collaboration between Lancia and Cassina, two Made in Italy brand leaders in their respective industries, continues as they look to the future while keeping sustainability and well-being in mind.

Pure and radical exterior volumes

Lancia Pu+Ra H.P.E., which has many characteristics with the three-dimensional sculpture exhibited in November, is the logical development of Lancia Pu+Ra Zero. The new Lancia concept car perfectly exemplifies the brand’s new design language, which is pure and radical and in which the volumes of the automobiles are formed by joining simple and recognisable forms like the circle and the triangle with a few eccentric features. As a result, the new Lancia concept car becomes a statement of timeless Italian design with a creative and sustainable approach that transcends conventional automotive language.

Lancia Pu+Ra H.P.E. is the concept car’s name; “Pu+Ra” refers to the brand’s fresh, unadulterated, and radical design language, and “H.P.E.” stands for High-Performance Electric, for a vehicle that is Eco-sustainable, exciting, and evolved all at once. The lateral flowing lines that drop towards the back of the automobile, evoking the Aurelia and Flaminia with a streamlined design based on its aerodynamics, sustainability, and fluidity of volumes, represent the ongoing conversation between the past and the future.

New visual identity with historical elements

The new Lancia logo, representing the company’s new visual identity, is featured on the side badges. The steering wheel, the banner, the shield, the spear, and the lettering are just a few examples of the historical elements that are revisited and given a contemporary interpretation to convey innovation, high quality, Italian nature, and eclecticism.

Lancia Pu+Ra H.P.E

Inspired by the brand’s bluntest and most radical spirit, the iconic round lights in the rear continue the dialogue between the past and the present. A clear nod to the legendary Lancia Stratos is made by placing the iconic new Lancia lettering in the space between the lights. The front features a reinterpretation of the famous, memorable, and far-visible Lancia grille, which is now carried into the future by three rays of light. The new Lancia script, created with an original typeface inspired by the fashion industry, stands out above the calice.

Lancia Pu+Ra H.P.E

The ground-breaking circular roof offers a wide-ranging, panoramic vision with apparent allusions to the architectural features that are so distinctive of the new Lancia design language. The rear window also has encompassing horizontal lines that revisit the iconic sun blind construction with a contemporary twist, evoking memories of the Lancia Beta H.P.E. from the 1970s. The big windows produce a ” homely feeling, ” highlighting natural light.

Interior of Lancia Pu+Ra H.P.E is rejecting the conventional design language

Thanks to iconic and straightforward shapes that reject the conventional automotive language, the interiors of the Lancia Pu+Ra H.P.E. exhibit complete consistency with the brand’s new, pure, and radical design language. The round carpet and the front seats, which are models of the Maralunga armchairs created by Vico Magistretti for Cassina, are two examples of how Italian furniture design was influenced. The two single armchairs are free-standing and have distinctive proportions and striking chromatic figures.

Lancia Pu+Ra H.P.E

The new circular tables, centre console, and even dashboard, which subverts the automotive approach and is built around an iconic single piece of round glass, are more examples of how the pure geometric forms are expressed. Finally, the blinds are reminiscent of the classic Lancia Beta H.P.E. and the world of architecture. They let natural light and shade into the passenger area, but in the centre, they transform into a bright technological element communicating with S.A.L.A. and its features. S.A.L.A. is a straightforward and clever virtual interface that combines lighting, audio, and climate controls. As a result, the driver and passengers can easily change the interior climate of the vehicle by pressing a button or speaking into it.

The Future Strategy

It honours the brand’s transformation into a desired, respected, reliable brand in the European premium market. In line with Stellantis’s electrification strategy, Lancia will launch the New Ypsilon in 2024 in both hybrid and electric versions; from 2026, only 100% electric cars will be established, and from 2028, concurrently with the arrival of the new Delta, the brand will exclusively sell electric models.

Lancia Pu+Ra H.P.E., a practical, elegant model with a streamlined, efficient and aerodynamic body, forms the 100% electric manifesto. It defines the brand’s vision for the next ten years regarding range, charging time and efficiency for market-leading performance.

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