Lexus Announced Finalists of the Lexus Design Award 2022

The six finalists for the Lexus Design Award 2022 have been announced by Lexus, who were chosen from 1,726 designs submitted by artists and designers from 57 countries. The finalists will be mentored by four international design giants, with whom they will work closely during the creation of their concepts, each with a budget of around 23 thousand euros. The Grand Prix winner will be announced in April 2022 by the jury, which comprises famous creative visionaries Paola Antonelli, Anupama Kundoo, Bruce Mau, and Simon Humphries.

Lexus Design Award 2022: Chitofoam
Charlotte Böhning and Mary Lempres (USA/Germany and USA/Norway, headquartered in the USA) created Chitofoam.

Exoskeletons of mealworms that have digested polystyrene foam waste have been used to create a biodegradable packaging solution. Chitofoam is a biomaterials research project that feeds mealworms leftover polystyrene foam and then uses their exoskeletons and coverings as food. Mealworms have been found to decompose polystyrene safely, and biopolymers created from chitosan taken from their exoskeletons will be utilized to develop an eco-friendly alternative to polystyrene foam.

Lexus Design Award 2022: Wheelchair
Wondaleaf’s Hammock Wheelchair (Malaysia)

A wheelchair, a lift, and a hammock are used together to lessen caregivers’ manual lifting of patients. Caregivers may move and transfer patients without having to manually lift them by combining the features of a wheelchair, a lift truck, and a hammock. A two-pronged wheelchair serves as a forklift, while a tubular framed surface serves as a pallet.

Burner design
Team Dunamis’ Ina Vibe (Nigeria)

A product that can be used for cooking, recharging, and lighting. Ina Vibe is a lightweight, portable gas burner/stove with a thermoelectric generator that uses thermal power to produce sustainable, economical, and clean electricity, allowing you to cook, charge, and light in a healthy and environmentally friendly manner.

Lexus Design Award 2022: Memory device
Poh Yun Ru’s Rewind (Singapore)

For elders with dementia, a platform that combines multi-sensory stimulation to trigger a meaningful memory. Rewind is a motion-tracking gadget to guide elders with dementia in recreating familiar motions in order to provoke memories. These activities are then mirrored as audio-visual feedback on a linked device, which activates memory recall.

Lexus Design Award 2022: Sound eclipse
Kristil & Shamina’s Sound Eclipse (Russia).

When put near a large window, this gadget muffles outside sounds. Installed in the front of half-open window panes, the microphone on the rear of Sound Eclipse captures noise, while the speakers broadcast sound waves with the same volume but reversed-phase as the original noise. These waves mix and cancel out one another.

Kou Mikuni’s Tacomotive (Japan)

For youngsters with sight and hearing problems, a sensible driving simulator is available. As the pattern is cut, the texture of the paper, notably its roughness and softness, varies significantly. Inspired by the idea of co-creating communications in the upbringing of students with visual and hearing impairments, I created an analog driving game to enjoy the tactile exploration.

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