Marsien : The Ultimate Adventure Sportscar


The 27-year-old son of the Porsche expert Uwe Gemballa launches his very first project called Marsien in 2021 initiating a new era with his newly established firm MARC PHILIPP GEMBALLA GmbH (not related in any way to Gemballa GmbH). MPG is going from on the road to off-road to develop its first supercar in a limited series, together with all the off-road features.

The Vision


MPG sees a new market potential to create specially designed leading cars in small production series – with the goal of generating whole-length masterpieces – in combination with a new fresh design and technology approach.

The Name – Marsien

The automobile name needed the standard methodology to acquire its distinctive features and express the characteristics and DNA of the vehicle, due to its excellent design, modern technology and powerful performance.

The development team was stunned by the lovely red desert sand in association with the strong fossil rocks and mountain backgrounds creating the desert environment throughout this rigorous testing period. The desert landscape became extremely distinctive and different. Marc Philipp Gemballa recalls, “We felt as if we had been in a whole different cosmos. We could not think of a name that would match our initial project as it appeared or felt like we were on Mars combined with futuristic design and off-road vehicle capability.” The name MARSIEN came from the French term Martian or Marse. 



Mark Philipp Gemballa didn’t leave anything to happen in the design. He introduced novice designers and Alan Derosier, who is recognised for his amazing Porsche 908 design research. You may found his work in all the smooth curves and elegant lines of the magnificent and timeless design of the MARSIEN. The outside of the vehicle offers useful design enhancements, such as a fully customised lighting in addition to the whole carbon fibre body. The back light was created with the newest LED technology by working with the GERG Lighthouse lighting specialist, to enable the MARSIEN to be totally holistic.


The interior design of the MARSIEN complements the beauty of the outside. The interior of the vehicle is an example of the perfect harmony between form and function which is totally justified by the excellent logo stitching and the manual gear paddles. On the floor mattress and headrest, a similar stitching may be observed, but the logo is embossed on the extinguisher and armrest. 


The interior design of the MARSIEN complements the beauty of the outside. The changeover is equipped with a complete leather or Alcantara interior made with absolute best materials, The centre console is designed with a Carrera GT-inspired high-carbon fibre, door lace, carbon-fibre side sills and additional carbon-fibre accents in the interior, which is completely customisable.

Vehicle is limited to ten units only and over a half the production series in small series was sold out before its official launch. MARC PHILIPP GEMBALLA is preparing to launch the production series. Before the World Premier of Project Sandbox, MARSIEN has been in high demand.

The conversion price begins at EUR 495,000, excluding taxes, charges, transport, any extra options and cost of the Porsche 992 Turbo S base vehicle.


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