MASERATI GRECALE – The new Maserati is the daily exceptional: the thrill of luxury in perfect balance with pure innovation. A vehicle with exceptional performance, distinct, elegant lines and character, and the finest quality interiors owing to the refinement of the materials used in its construction. Grecale is also a daily driver, an SUV for taking your children to school or commuting to work, allowing you to face the day head-on.

The Grecale is a roomy and comfortable SUV with an amazing list of best-in-class amenities. The new Grecale, designed by the Maserati Innovation Lab in Modena, is manufactured at Maserati’s Casino facility in Italy and is intended to play a pivotal role for the company. Maserati stands for “Unique by Design.” The Trident brand’s aesthetic is based on five key concepts that apply to all new Trident-brand models beginning with the MC20 and including the Grecale.


Maserati’s design philosophy is timeless, characterised by recognisable features with lighter volumes that are directly influenced by architecture and art. The automobiles are sculptural shapes dedicated to performance, with a one-of-a-kind structure and distinctive proportions that transcend time and fashion. Maserati is instantly recognisable due to the lines and styling of its vehicles. The design cues approach echoes the brand’s identity. It all starts with the classic Maserati Trident insignia. The distinctive design components, such as the trapezoidal C pillar and the Trident-inspired shape of the new rims, are an intrinsic part of the overall aesthetic vernacular.

The design components are inspired by the brand’s native country and serve as a creative recreation of Italian architecture and workmanship. Not just design, not just graphics, but know-how changed through inquiry and sensitivity to the stimuli of modern beauty, filtered via Maserati’s distinctive style. The one-of-a-kind materials used in the automobile speak of an artisan tradition that has evolved into an endeavour of handcrafted engineering, enhancing the interior.


The colours utilised in the interior are similar to those seen in natural settings. Colour study is continuously emphasising the connection with workmanship, with the aim to produce one-of-a-kind transparencies and interferences between light and materials. The colours are a little unusual, influenced by manufacturing but still picking up on current situations.

The dynamic and interplay of light become fundamental parts of design research, with an emphasis on fresh and original interpretations. The notions of pure performance and dynamism are blended with a colour and material transformation. This concept is especially prevalent in the Full-Electric edition, for which specialised colour palettes based on the Northern Lights and the continual interaction expressed by light have been produced. The entire vehicle is altered and grows into a process that is not a goal in itself but is useful and environmentally conscious.


The MC20 is the predecessor of this series, with a revolutionary design that has been translated in the Grecale in the spirit of innovation and suited to SUV size. The Grecale, like the MC20, now has a vertical rather than horizontal appearance, suitable for the needs of an SUV. The front is the most distinguishing feature of the new model, with a low and strong grille that is not overpowering, a symbol that emphasises the fact that the automobile is a Maserati. The grille on the Trofeo has been moved forward somewhat to make it stronger and to emphasise its sporting nature.

When you look at the profile, the continual contrast between the purity of design and technology stands out, with significant care made to the flow from the bonnet to the rear to bring forth its sporting character. The contrast between its very fluid, soft body with meandering, aesthetic shapes and its technological components, which are highlighted by the use of carbon fibre, is stark.

The boomerang taillights, inspired by the Giugiaro 3200 GT, take on a Maserati-like shape and trapezoidal lines at the back. Overall, the aesthetic language is pure and sporty, perfectly complementing the brand’s distinctive aspects, such as the trapezoidal C pillar and the Maserati family’s new Trident-inspired alloy wheels.


Everything in the Grecale is committed to functionality: beginning with the brand’s distinguishing pillars and overarching themes – one of luxury, the other of sport – the interior design is inspired by the notion of a clean, modern, and emotional design, with room for new technologies. The inspiration from its origins is not a goal in itself, but rather a means to an end. As a result, the allusion to 1970s automobiles such as the Ghibli and its T-shaped construction is reduced to a basic and straight, almost architectural style that emphasises the materials.

Opening its doors is like entering a world of comfort and style: premium materials enrich the surfaces, while the search for original graphics and colours is inspired by the brand’s heritage and beginnings, reinterpreting the unique Made in Italy procedures. The high technological specifications and the purity of the design emphasise the sensation of modernity: the car comes with no fewer than four displays – the traditional cluster and the new central 12.3″ panel, a smaller 8.8″ comfort panel with extra functions, and the new digital clock.


The materials and finishes emphasise the visual purity: the dashboard stitching mimics the double saddle design, providing consistency with the Levante, Maserati’s other SUV. Meanwhile, the centre panel and doors incorporate genuine material elements, creating a sense of complete harmony throughout the cabin. The use of technology streamlines the design by removing the buttons from the centre panel, making more room for the roomy armrest, huge storage compartment with twin butterfly doors, and mobile phone charging area.

The design elements have received a lot of attention, such as the intricacy of the laser-cut metal grilles for the tweeters and mid-range speakers in the new Sonus faber sound system, or the chrome-plated finish of the digital wristwatch, the central air vents, and the driving mode selection. Another design element is the light radiating from behind the centre display, which creates a “living room” look by employing soft, diffused lighting for the first time in a car. Everything is centred on simplicity in order to provide an environment where the inhabitants feel at peace and where cutting-edge technology is only employed when necessary.

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