Mercedes AMG Hypercharged: A concept envisioned by a designer

As a dedicated "petrolhead," one can't help but ponder the direction of the automotive world. Will the thrill and excitement of cars continue to captivate enthusiasts, or are we on the brink of an era where all forms of mobility become emotionally detached? The enthralling sensory experiences of motorsports, with their roaring engines, the aromatic blend of fuel and rubber, and the exhilarating screech of tires, hold an irreplaceable charm. Losing these sensations would be an actual loss for car enthusiasts. 

The challenge of balancing performance and sustainability might seem impossible. Can these two objectives coexist harmoniously? Similarly, luxury appears at odds with both performance and sustainability. However, the emergence of the AMG Hypercharged concept from a Swiss designer, Larissa, aims to bridge these gaps and find a middle ground.

Rethinking Motorsports: The Evolution of Long-Distance Racing

In parallel with the shifts in the automotive industry, motorsports are also transforming. Electric hypercars with staggering horsepower excel on drag strips, where speed reigns supreme. Nevertheless, in endurance races, traditional electric vehicles reveal their limitations. High rates drain energy rapidly, leading to a restricted range. While e-motorsports emphasize energy conservation, they need to engage viewers more effectively. A stark example was the 2021 E-Prix in Valencia, where nearly half the field couldn't finish due to energy depletion, raising questions about the future of long-distance races.

Lightning Energy: A Revolutionary Vision

Harnessing the power of lightning has long been an aspirational goal. The demand for alternative renewable energy sources is rising as the world pivots away from fossil fuels. While sources like geothermal, wind, solar, hydroelectric, and biomass are familiar, lightning energy is uncharted territory. The formidable force of lightning aligns seamlessly with the high-performance ethos of AMG, bridging the seemingly contrasting realms of sustainability and power.

Shifting Perceptions: Electric Cars and Image

Electric cars often grapple with an image problem. Plugging in evokes thoughts of everyday appliances, lacking the gravitas associated with powerful machinery. On the contrary, refuelling with gasoline or other fuels conjures imagery of robust, mighty machines and the combustion or explosion within the engine. The emotional resonance here is more forceful and potent than electric vehicles. Enter the lightning bolt—a fitting energy source for an AMG concept car. It encapsulates raw power, speed, and the auditory drama of thunderstorms.

The Design of the newly envisioned Mercedes AMG Hypercharged

The design of the Mercedes AMG Hypercharged concept mirrors a classic long-distance GT, accommodating two passengers along with cargo. Access is granted through a forward-opening canopy reminiscent of a fighter jet design. At the heart of the vehicle, a central lightning ring serves as the anchor for the passenger compartment, ensuring a balanced and sporty proportion.

A regenerative system activates during driving, charging air at the front through an ionized coating and generating synthetic clouds at the rear through thermal shifts. Charge separation sustains the lightning within these clouds, which is harnessed and stored within the ring to generate electricity. The lightning's plasma also provides additional thrust, expelled through rear plasma outlets. Thunder can be audible at will like a sports exhaust system with a sound switch. The large side air inlet serves for targeted technical cooling.

Embodying Power and Luxury

The centrepiece of the design is the striking lightning ring, showcasing its energy from every angle. This visual element conveys the significant power contained within the vehicle. The configuration takes inspiration from the "Blitzen Benz," where exhaust pipes encircled passengers from the front. The ring symbolizes power distribution to all four wheels or potential torque vectoring. For drivers, it offers total engagement, immersing them in the essence of lightning.

The existing lightning bolt motif in today's cars inspires a side theme: the spark plug. The rear body appears to cradle the lightning ring, resembling the electrodes of a spark plug. The design contrasts the cloud and lightning themes, with the back body's smoothness representing comfort, while the sharp blades on the front fenders symbolize the aggressive nature of lightning. The concave front enhances air intake, and a golden front bar pays homage to the “Blitzen Benz.”

Paving the Way Forward

The Mercedes AMG Hypercharged concept emerges as an innovative solution in this transformation era. It strives to harmonize power, luxury, and sustainability while preserving the thrill of driving. The allure of lightning energy aligns perfectly with the pursuit of sustainable management. This concept envisions a fusion of design and technology and a compelling answer to the challenges of the automotive future. Picture your neighbour plugging in their electric car with a cable while your vehicle contains the essence of a force of nature.


The future of car enthusiasts is bleak than it might seem at first glance. While the automotive landscape is shifting, innovative concepts like the AMG Hypercharged demonstrate that passion, power, and sustainability coexist. The marriage of lightning energy, design aesthetics, and advanced technology has the potential to redefine the driving experience, creating a harmonious blend of excitement and responsibility.

About the designer

Originating from Switzerland, Larissa Imhof is a skilled car designer, achieving recent distinction with honours upon completing her Bachelor's Thesis at Pforzheim University. Notably, this project was developed and designed at Mercedes-AMG in Affalterbach. Larissa's journey encompasses valuable internships at esteemed companies, including Italdesign, Mercedes-Benz, and Mercedes-AMG. Now equipped with both academic achievements and practical experiences, she is ready to embark on her professional journey.