Mercedes pays Homage to Abloh Legacy


Mercedes-Benz had unveiled the next generation electric car show which was a collaborative design by the Milan-based label Off-White. Off-White is a label founded by Abloh in 2013 and was the CEO of it as well. The design of the vehicle was done by Gordon Wagener, the chief design officer of Mercedes-Benz and the creator of G-Class. After seeing the design of the vehicle it is evident that it carries a mystical and elegant vibrance and creativity of an artistic mind in it. The vehicle has the ability to captivate the audience in awe, because of the quality it carries.


It isn’t quite often when we humans come across someone with a great personality and the range of talent a person can pull off whoever he or she is. One such personality was the famous American designer and disco jockey Virgil Abloh. A person who is quite easily recognized by fans of Kanye West as both were part of the same success they shared. For others he can be recognized for his works at the fashion giant company, Louis Vuitton. He was part of Louis Vuitton as the artistic director of their men’s collection in 2018, later on in 2021 he was given an increased creative responsibility for the LVMH brand as well. A person of such caliber was astonishing in the fashion industry which is quite a big feat in itself but his expertise and inspiration did not end at this.


Project Maybach channels the internal dialogue and the uniqueness of Abloh who pursued to challenge the status-quo of traditional and contemporary designs. Recontextualizing and considering the factors responsible for the design to be out-of-the-box, Wagener have managed to push the boundaries of the vehicle’s functions and style to create something spectacular in the wake of the collaboration.

The 2-seater electric battery operated off-road coupé having huge Gran Turismo proportions, large off-road wheels and the distinctive attachments create a rather large emphasis on the creation and the creators excessive artistic credibility along with his integrity to the creation at hand. This shows how much innovation and contribution an artist could make to this world. Creating a luxury vehicle for a brand such as Mercedes-Benz which is actually a suitable model for venturing into the nature around us is a brilliant compilation of two different worlds into a sensual and powerful narrative of travelling in luxury.


Seeing the designs with our own eyes we can easily describe the amount of innovation that has been sparked into its creation. This was to be expected because Abloh was always fond of expressing his proactive and compelling designs to the world, and just like always he had delivered as such by striking such a design while attempting and inspiring the next generation of designers to break-free from the norms that has been set up in our society and letting out the creative animal which is present inside the minds of every single artist. In the wake of the loss of such a polymath artist, fashion designer, creative director, architect and philanthropist., Mercedes-Benz had expressed their gratitude to the artist by adding the designs to his vast legacy and sharing a few words for him as well.

“The power of Abloh’s work is not only from the product design, but also the exploratory conversations that his work ignited”.


It is quite evident that the legacy Virgil Abloh leaves behind is something which creators and especially designers are going to remember for decades, as we express our gratitude the lost soul we are to never forget that Virgil Abloh had given us a view of complete creative control and will inspire the designers to conceptualize the future of electric travel.

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