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In 2019, a group of five friends from the automotive design, engineering, and energy sectors came together to form NAON Mobility. They are motivated to make a great influence and a huge shift. Just completed their first driving prototype and are quite excited with the results so far though.


The NAON electric scooter, which combines revolutionary technology with high-quality materials and local German manufacture, symbolizes a new shift in personal transportation. Using a simplistic design philosophy allows them to create a product that is finely tailored to excel in both performance and aesthetics. They executed their knowledge in the automotive design business to ensure that the scooter’s appearance is perfectly balanced and refined.


A fundamental stylistic element is derived from the Bauhaus principle of form follows function. A simpler design allows them to pay greater attention to the scooter’s details. Beyond looks, the scooter’s design is executed with care. The construction process is simplified when the number of components is kept to a minimum. Assembly is quick and easy using standard hardware and few equipment, reducing maintenance time and costs.



An excellent product should be more than simply visually appealing. We also believe it is our duty to consider the influence we have on the environment while developing a product of this calibre.


As a new category of luxury products, Naon mobility places themselves in a sector where sustainability is as significant a consideration as authenticity of design. Future Premium, a harmony of style, quality, and attention, is embodied in our goods. Through the design philosophy, they can ensure that customers not only receive an excellent premium experience but can also be proud of having a good influence on the environment around them. German-made and revolutionary, the NAON electric vehicle combines high-quality materials with modern technology. The Scooter represents a new radical shift in personal mobility that has limited impact. The vision is to create goods that people like using and will continue to use.

This will be accomplished by implementing several critical techniques, which include:

Components of the highest quality and durability.


Through carefully inspecting each element of the scooter, they can be confident that it will run smoothly and without deterioration in the future. The windscreen is coated with a multi-resist coating to defend against abrasion and UV radiation, for example. The individual components’ lifespans are extended, and they continue to work at their optimum efficiency.

Materials that are recyclable and environmentally friendly


Aluminium and recycled PET plastic will be used to create the scooter’s primary components. Due to PET’s small weight and flexibility, it is a great material for non-structural scooter components. Environmentally friendly metals include aluminium. It is the most recycled industrial metal in terms of %. As well as CNC’d aluminium components, the primary frame of the scooter is made from laser cut and pressed aluminium. Wherever feasible, they utilized the materials that have previously been recycled or that can be readily separated and repurposed at the end of their useful lives. Recycled tyres are being used for handlebar and footrest grips, while cactus skin is being used for organic fake leather seat decoration.

Minimal trash is generated.


This allows Naon Mobility to simplify the product and focus more on every detail by using functional components as essential aesthetic components. As a result, both the scooter’s total weight and the number of components utilized may be reduced. The laser cut components are formatted for manufacture in such a manner that the least number of resources are lost during the manufacturing process. These are then used to make smaller components. In this way, manufacturing expenses as well as material waste are reduced. The remainder of the material is then pulverized and recycled for use in the industrial sector as a raw material.

Producing in a way that is ethical

Local manufacturers with decent working conditions and fair salaries are employed by the company. From design to manufacturing, it was a transparent process and the clients were invited to review at every little step. This allows the Naon guys to better monitor and regulate the quality of the products, while also increasing logistical efficiency and reducing environmental impact.

Pre-order will be available towards the end of 2021.

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