New Smart #3 revealed: Here’s what you need to know

New Smart #3 - Smart, Mercedes-Benz's global design team, has introduced the Smart #3, their first-ever sports utility coupé, at a particular brand event during Auto Shanghai. New Smart #3 maintains cutting-edge connectivity as the guiding principle and offers an even sportier version of the design philosophy. With Smart #3, Smart remains true to its avant-garde mission of researching the top options for future urban mobility.

New Smart #3 introduction

In a recent statement by Dirk Adelmann, the CEO of Smart Europe, it was revealed that new Smart #3 is the world's first sports utility coupé. Smart is committed to delivering exceptional interactions and experiences and has always sought to cater to its customers' diverse and ever-changing mobility needs. As part of this commitment, Smart is expanding its range of products to offer a variety of vehicles that are tailored to meet the unique lifestyles and preferences of different customer groups.

New Smart #3 Design

The Mercedes-Benz global design team crafted the interior and exterior of the New Smart #3, much like the Smart #1. The car's design philosophy is a sporty and dynamic interpretation of a "sensual product", featuring sleek lines and athletic curves that create a truly original exterior. The car exudes vibrant energy and is an emotionally iconic vehicle. Gorden Wagener, Chief Design Officer of Mercedes-Benz AG, stated that smart #3's design is an important milestone in evolving smart's premium-ness core value. The car's design is muscular, elegantly sensual, and perfectly balanced, attracting and thrilling the viewer.

The exterior emphasizes aerodynamic performance

The design of the new smart #3 emphasizes aerodynamic performance with its sleek, seamless lines and athletic curves. Various details further enhance the body's features. At the front, a unique "shark nose" and A-shaped broad grill are combined with slim CyberSparks LED headlamps. The two-tone roof meets a distinctive line resembling a tightened bow on the flanks, creating a smooth, classy, fastback look.

he bumper, C-pillar, rear fender, and spoiler work together to form a contemporary curve, while the pixelated features of the taillights add to the car's luxurious appearance. The rear of the new Smart #3 boasts a confident curvature formed by the bumper, spoiler, C-pillar, and rear fender, as depicted in the sketches. The blend of athletic and premium features, including taillights with pixelated elements, creates a forward-thinking and modern appearance. The smart #3 is a welcome addition to the product line, following the launch of the smart #1 in the first European market, with more to follow soon.

The interior combines sporting elegance with premium materials

The new smart #3's interior design combines sporting elegance with premium materials, featuring round turbine-like contours that exude an athletic spirit. The cabin offers even more roominess thanks to a longer wheelbase, and the integrated headrests add to the sporty interior design theme. The 12.8-inch elevated central screen is integrated into the sculpted dashboard on a high console, while the multicoloured ambient lighting and halo roof provide a spacious and comfortable atmosphere. To complete the smart #3's high-tech interior experience, a 13-speaker Beats Sound system is integrated into the infotainment system.

Technical details

No technical specifications have been officially released for the new Smart #3. However, it is speculated that the car may use an 82kWh battery, similar to the top-spec Volvo XC40 Recharge, which offers a range of up to 311 miles. As the #3 is larger than the Smart #1, which uses a 66kWh battery and provides up to 273 miles of range, a larger battery could be necessary to power the vehicle. The Smart #3 is owned by Geely, the same company that owns Volvo, and may feature a variety of motors and power outputs. The 272hp motor from the Smart #1 is a likely starting point, with a possible Brabus version of the #3 offering up to 428hp.

The new smart #3 is set to come in an array of eye-catching and attractive colour choices, including photon orange metallic, electric blue matte, and brilliant brown exterior shades. Smart's newest creation will debut to the European public at IAA in September 2023 before its release in select European regions in the early months of the following year. We can anticipate a significant increase in price compared to the smaller Smart #1, with a likely cost of around £40,000.