XPENG AEROHT, an affiliate of XPENG Motors, unveiled its groundbreaking "Land Aircraft Carrier" modular flying car at the XPENG Tech Day 2023, capturing the spotlight with this revolutionary innovation. This innovative marvel boasts a unique two-part design, seamlessly switching between a terrestrial and aerial mode. The air module facilitates vertical takeoff for low-altitude flights, while the ground module ingeniously envelops the air module, allowing ground transportation. XPENG AEROHT also showcased the latest eVTOL flying car design and highlighted a range of safety advancements.

Image 1: XPENG Tech Day 2023 – Xiaopeng He unveiling the modular flying car

Ground Module Features:

The ground module of XPENG AEROHT's modular flying car is designed to accommodate 4-5 passengers. With an extended-range hybrid power system, it offers multiple recharges for the air module. The three-axle, six-wheel configuration provides 6x6 all-wheel drive and rear-wheel steering, ensuring impressive carrying capacity and off-road capabilities. While the final design is still in development, the futuristic cyber-mechanical aesthetic is already evident, resembling a "lunar exploration vehicle."

Transformative Design and Accessibility:

XPENG AEROHT's modular flying car simplifies travel through an automated system, reminiscent of Transformers, streamlining the separation and combination of the air and ground modules. This innovation aims to make flying more accessible, extending the user's travel experience from the ground to the sky. Beyond personal use, the modular flying car holds promise for public services, including emergency rescue, meeting diverse demands.

Latest eVTOL Flying Car Design:

XPENG AEROHT unveiled its latest eVTOL flying car design at XPENG Tech Day 2023. Building upon two years of innovation, this product features refinements such as foldable manipulator arms, rotor systems, and other flight components. The supercar-style design includes an intelligent cockpit that seamlessly switches between land and flight modes.

Safety remains paramount in aviation. In addition to unveiling the latest flying car products, XPENG AEROHT showcased significant advancements in safety technology. The latest modular flying car's air module features a 6-axis, 6-rotor configuration, incorporating two innovative reversible ducts. In case of rotor failure, the flight control system can make millisecond-level algorithm adjustments, ensuring the aircraft's continued safe operation. This impressive capability, coupled with a thrust-to-weight ratio exceeding 2, enables the aircraft to maintain safe flight even after losing two of its six rotors, meeting the stringent safety standards required for civil aviation.

Multi-Parachute Rescue System:

To enhance flying car safety, XPENG AEROHT developed the multi-parachute rescue system. Successfully tested at just 50 meters altitude in October, this breakthrough fills a global safety gap in ultra-low altitude rescues. The system's maximum capacity is 1 ton and includes pioneering features like ultra-low altitude parachute opening and an embedded safety rescue control panel. It breaks industry standards by deploying parachutes at 50 meters instead of the usual 200+ meters, ensuring a safer touchdown at approximately 5 m/s, protecting passengers and the aircraft.

Industry and Government Support:

Flying cars are poised to revolutionize transportation, aligning with government policies and industry trends. China's commitment to fostering aviation innovation is evident through various policy initiatives, including over 120 policies related to the low-altitude economy released from January to June. Notably, the 'Outline for the Development of Green Aviation Manufacturing (2023-2035)' and the Beijing Municipal Government's 'Plan for Promoting Innovation in Future Industries' underscore the commitment to creating a thriving environment for the flying car industry.


XPENG AEROHT's unveiling of the modular flying car marks a significant leap in transportation innovation, showcasing the intersection of cutting-edge design, safety advancements, and government support. As flying cars become a reality, XPENG AEROHT is at the forefront, shaping the future of dynamic, safe, and sustainable transportation.