Ian Callum and his team at Callum Design have created a new project: the Skye. As you can see from the pictures, the Skye is a radical-looking electric off-roader that Callum Design claims is meant to be ‘the world’s most beautiful, high-performance, multi-terrain vehicle.’

Ian Callum, renowned for designing iconic vehicles like the Jaguar F-type, Aston Martin Vanquish, and Ford RS200, is among the foremost influential designers. In 2019, he founded his design and engineering firm, Callum. The Skye, unveiled as the inaugural in-house creation of Callum, is a groundbreaking all-electric multi-terrain vehicle focusing on 'sportscar performance.' While additional details about the model are set to be revealed in 2024, this marks a significant milestone in Ian Callum's legacy as a designer and innovator in the automotive industry. Explore the future of electric vehicle design with Callum's debut creation, the Skye.


CALLUM SKYE boasts a purposeful 2+2 layout, enveloping its occupants in a comfortable, refined cabin environment. The vehicle's sophisticated design emphasizes a commanding yet elegant sculpted form, focusing on rugged, practical capabilities and off-road prowess. Measuring four meters in length, CALLUM SKYE exhibits dramatically proportioned exterior aesthetics driven by its capabilities. The exterior features a striking accent loop intersected by a robust horizontal structure flanked by organic forms at the front and rear, while its minimal mass and maximum capability promise an exceptionally usable and joyous driving experience.

Uncompromising Engineering and On/Off-road experience

CALLUM SKYE is a compelling, unique, and versatile vehicle that sets an uncompromisingly high bar for functional targets. The principles of simplicity and integrity were upheld throughout its development, ensuring it conquers the rigorous demands of various off-road terrains while delivering ride comfort and handling for captivating on-road experiences. 

CALLUM SKYE fills a void in the market, providing discerning owners with a boldly engineered off-road vehicle designed for enjoyment. Its exceptional capabilities, coupled with eco-friendly battery options, aim to significantly impact the industry without compromising the environment. 

Current plans peg production of the Skye at just 50 vehicles a year. Being virtually hand-crafted in such small volumes means it won't be cheap. "I see it as a lifestyle vehicle," says Callum.

The allure of the Skye lies not only in its anticipated off-road prowess but notably in the availability of street-legal versions. Boasting a sophisticated design, nimble performance, compact dimensions, and a long-travel suspension that can be finely tuned for a comfortable and controlled ride, the Callum Skye emerges as the ideal urban warrior. Tailored to navigate the crowded, pothole-ridden, and bustling streets of cities like London and New York, this vehicle is poised to redefine urban mobility with its versatility and agility.