Massimo Frascella Named New Head Of Audi Design

Feb 15, 2024

Audi has announced that Massimo Frascella will be the new Head of Audi Design, succeeding Marc Lichte, who will be transitioning to a new role within the group. In a statement, Frascella expressed his enthusiasm and his dedication to guiding the talented design team to new levels of innovation and distinction. He emphasized his belief in the emotional impact of design, which has the power to inspire, connect, and drive change.

Frascella's design philosophy revolves around simplicity, with a focus on creating designs that are timeless and sophisticated. He intends to use a design language that is devoid of unnecessary decorations and doesn't merely follow trends.

“Joining Audi is a very special moment for me”

Graduated from the Istituto d'Arte Applicata & Design in Turin and started his career at Stile Bertone, a well-known Italian car design company. His time at Bertone gave him a strong foundation in automotive design and practical experience. Later, he went to Ford Motor Company and Kia Motors respectively. His time at both Ford and Kia gave him a good understanding of the entire car design process, from the idea stage to the final product.

In 2011, Frascella joined Jaguar Land Rover, a British car company, where he has held important positions since then. He has played a key role in shaping the design and look of both Jaguar and Land Rover cars. As the Head of Design for both brands, Frascella has helped them stay at the forefront of car design and innovation.

Throughout his career, Frascella has shown a strong attention to detail, a deep love for making things by hand, and a passion for creating cars that not only perform well but also look elegant and refined. His work in the car industry has been widely recognized, making him one of the most important designers in the field. Under Frascella's leadership, Audi is setting the course for the coming generations of Audi models. The company is undergoing a phase of technological transformation, and Frascella will ensure that Audi vehicles embody the brand's identity through an unmistakable and emotional design language.

Marc Lichte headed Audi Design since 2014. Born in 1969 in Arnsberg/Sauerland, Germany, he joined Audi from Volkswagen AG, where he led the Exterior Design Studio. Lichte’s time at Audi saw new generations of serial best sellers introduced as well as the brand’s first standalone electric model series – the Audi e-tron, the e-tron GT, and the Q4 model family.

From June 1 Marc Lichte will be taking on a new role within the group!