OLA Electric Scooter might be cheaper than Petrol Scooters

It’s finally here: Ola’s much-anticipated electric scooter. The price will be considerably cheaper when you include in the additional benefits from the different state subsidies. On-road, the basic Ola Electric scooter might cost less than even the Honda Activa 125 thanks to recent government announcements that EVs will no longer be subject to road tax. Deliveries will commence in October 2021, according to the firm. 

In India, Ola Electric has introduced its electric scooters S1 and S1 Pro for Rs 99,999 and Rs 1,29,999. FAME II subsidy is included in these rates, but government aid is excluded.

Design and Features

In addition to navigation, the big TFT display on the Ola Electric scooter provides a wealth of information about the scooter. Toggle between rider profiles on this display to personalise your rider’s experience. You may also check how much CO2 you’ve avoided on the journey. 


It has a reverse mode, much as other scooters in the same class. Additional features include distance unlocking that starts the scooter when you get close enough. As with the Revolt EV, it may be used in a quiet mode or produce a sound that is customizable through onboard speakers.

S1 pro variant has function, cruise control and voice assistant. These features aren’t accessible on the S1. Despite having all-LED illumination, the S1 and S1 Pro are limited to only five body colours, whereas the Pro has ten.

Time for charging 

Portable home chargers for the S1 and S1 Pro are included with the scooters and can fully charge the scooters in 4.48 and 6.30 hours respectively. Ola intends to build a “world’s largest, densest, quickest 2W charging network with 1 lakh stations across 400 cities,” according to the firm. As a result of its use, the business claims that it can add a claimed 75-kilometer range in just 18 minutes.

Price comparison

In Delhi, the TVS iQube (Rs 1.01 lakh), the Bajaj Chetak (Rs 1.42 lakh) and the Ather 450 (Rs 1.13 lakh) all cost more than the Ola electric scooter which starts at Rs 1 lakh.

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