Polestar C60 : Vinay Raj Somashekar


It’s the near future. Years of R&D has shaped Graphene into the cleanest and most versatile energy storage material on the planet. It’s tremendous charge density, coupled with the ability to charge in seconds has made it the most widely used energy delivery device in automobiles. In the year 2040, Polestar perfects this technology and builds the C60 Concept Motorcycle. Some of the purest emotions on the planet can be experienced while riding a motorcycle – joy, exhilaration, contentment, freedom, love, happiness. A distillation of all of these emotions into one beautiful machine driven by the purest of technologies – This is the Polestar C60 Motorcycle. 



The central aesthetic element of this motorcycle is a simple geometric shape – a Hexagon – the same structure that Graphene is made of. The core structural element is also a Hexagon – the strongest naturally occurring shape. Every other element is built around this Mechanically Strong and attaches magnetically to clamp.  

Hexagon Theme  

The mechanical and aesthetic design of the Polestar C60 Concept is based around a central Hexagonal structural member. The design flows freely out of this shape and gives the motorcycle a unique blend of basic geometrical shapes and more emotional and traditional automotive design surfaces. 



The lights on the bike change according to the mode it’s being ridden in. Riding Modes – Street, Track, Race, Eco, and Zen.  

Chassis Structural Design 


The core structural element is a Hexagon – the strongest naturally occurring shape. Every other element is built around and within this Mechanically Strong and Visually Pure main structure. The Hexagonal Battery Pack casing also serves as a structural member providing load bearing functionality in conjunction with the Hexagonal Space Frame. 

Odin’s Eye 

IN THE HAIL OF VALHALLA WHERE BRAVE SHALI LIVE FOREVER ODIN’S EYE I MYTHOLOGY & INSPIRATION According to mythology, ODIN, leader of the gods, is defined by only having one eye after sacrificing the other eye to gain cosmic wisdom, which was his constant goal throughout mythology. He sacrificed his eye in order to see everything that happens in the world. On the Polestar C60, the Odin’s Eye autonomous smart drone is equipped with a long-range LiDAR system which allows it to see everything ahead of time in order to offer the safest and smoothest possible ride to anyone who swings a leg over the bike. 

LiDAR equipped autonomous Smart Drone that can detach from the bike and assist you with various tasks, and prevents accidents. When you’re out for a ride in the countryside, it can shoot stunning 16K videos, and even drop seeds in designated locations to help re-green the planet. In ‘Track Mode’ it can help you minimize lap times by training you to execute perfect apexes with ideal braking/acceleration at approach and exit. In ‘Zen Mode’ it shuts off all functions except crash detection so you can disconnect with the world and reconnect with yourself. 

Odin’s Eye 16K Camera 

The Odin’s Eye Autonomous Drone comes equipped with an ultra-high resolution 16K camera with 36x optical zoom and can shoot gorgeous aerial videos as well as action-cam videos of your ride. You can configure it manually, or you can choose from the several programs that come pre-loaded into the Polestar C60 app. 


About Designer 

Vinay Raj Somshekar is the Co-founder and Chief Designer at Emflux Motors, an EV start-up based out of Bangalore, India. He has worked as a Motorcycle Concept Designer at TVS Motor prior to this. He has led a team of designers and model-makers to design and build an Electric Superbike Prototype that was showcased at the 2018 Auto Expo in India. He has also helped define the branding and identity of the company while also undertaking several business, PR, and funding related tasks. 

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