Polestar Photon : Peiheng Zhang

What would be brought about in a person’s mind when they’re asked what would be the combination of a classic race car and futuristic tech wrapped into one. [Polestar Photon : Peiheng Zhang - Automotive Design Planet] Probably, most of them would be compelled to say The Ultimate Racing Experience. Well, Polestar Photon has brought in just that the ultimate race car for the new electric generation of racing.


Polestar Photon is a lightweight, has high speed and has high power which gives us an ultra-lightweight race car having about 2011 horsepower. Just by seeing this we can understand, this is a beast just daring drivers to tame them but be cautious as this is just to die for. Considering race cars, the chassis of the car plays an integral and big role within it.

The Polestar Photon is being made with consideration to this as well and is being developed with conjunction to the exterior of the car. The chassis is in a class of its own having a well-balanced and high power with a highlighting arrangement in this car. Two 500w motors are allocated at the rear and one 500w motor is allocated at the front making the driver to be pushed forward to further enhance the immersive and handling aspect. The 100kWh battery modules are placed behind the driver, which will be balancing the weight of the car.


Coming to the design part of the car, we can see that the theme in which they developed this design is based on a light weight body panel which wraps on the essential powertrain of the car. The designer calls this “the ground sucker” which is having an essential focus over the performance it can give off. The body shell wraps around the main powertrain platform, ensuring the car to be as low as possible while fulfilling the performance need.

The styling of the car initially started off as a single line which encompassed from the side of the car, passing under the rear fender bridge, and landed all the way at the most rear part of the car. Then was further developed using Photoshop having the rough sketch as an underlay which was then blended into a 3D model further adding changes to parts like the front facia, shape of the taillight, wheels, etc. Creating a unique style in itself.

The designer, Peiheng Zhang who goes by his English name as Jackson is a Transportation Design major. This concept and the development of such a design is only capable due to the innovative creativeness of the designer and is duly in regard to this.

About Designer

Peiheng Zhang (English name is Jackson) is a Transportation Designer from Beijing, China. He completed his undergraduate degree from Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, USA. He started drawing cars when he was little. He enjoys doing thumbnail sketches and exploring new proportions and packages. He uses Photoshop for digital renders and Alias Autostudio and Blender for 3D Modelling. You can follow more of his work on his Website.