Porsche Driver Experience makes its debut in the Cayenne

Porsche Driver Experience

Porsche Driver Experience – For the interior of the new Cayenne, Porsche offers an entirely fresh, cutting-edge architecture. The Porsche Driver Experience introduces fresh modes of communication for both the driver and the front companion.


Porsche is debuting a ground-breaking display and control idea with the new Cayenne, which will make its official debut on April 18 at the Auto Shanghai show in China. The completely digital display, adaptable individualization, and simple operation are all hallmarks of the Porsche Driver Experience. The driver’s axle is the object of attention. The steering wheel is surrounded by the most crucial buttons. This results in a brand-new, more challenging driving experience.

Porsche Driver Experience

The de luxe cockpit introduces components from the Taycan electric sports car to a Porsche with a combustion engine for the first time. It has a modern steering wheel, a redesigned centre console, and a digital instrument cluster with so-called curved and free-standing design and changeable display choices. Right next to the steering column is now where you’ll find the automatic gear selector. The large air conditioning controller with a stylish black panel design can now be placed on the central console as a result. The optional passenger display gives passengers a new level of engagement with the car and the driver. Enhanced connectivity features complete the new interior design idea.

Driver-focused and interactive: the new cockpit in the Cayenne

The new Porsche Cayenne’s cockpit is an entirely different experience for both drivers and passengers. It combines an even stronger driver concentration with new interactive features that give the passenger a new perspective on the driving experience. The instrument cluster is now a 12.6-inch curved, completely digital, free-standing display without a hood cover, giving it a contemporary, slimline appearance. The driver can select from up to seven perspectives on the instrument cluster, depending on the equipment level.

You can choose to have the rev counter, online navigation, Night Vision Assist, or 3D driving aid system in the forefront. There are also options for a significantly diminished view and a classic mode, the latter of which updates the traditional Porsche five-tube instrument cluster design for the digital era.

Porsche Driver Experience

The new Porsche Driver Experience’s careful balancing of digital and analogue components is a crucial component. The steering column is surrounded by all the controls that are crucial to the driving experience. The new engine start button is typically located to the left of the steering column on a Porsche. The gear selector is now located between the instrument cluster and the central display to the right of the steering column. This frees up space on the centre dashboard for a brand-new, sizable, analogue-controlled air conditioning control panel and more storage. The newly designed control lever for the driver assistance systems has been mounted immediately on the steering wheel in the new Cayenne by Porsche.

The newly designed control lever for the driver assistance systems

The new multifunction sports steering wheel, which is based on the 911, has undergone a full redesign compared to the previous version, featuring a premium, contemporary, and sporty design. It is now standard to have a driving mode switch on the steering wheel that allows you to choose between Normal, Offroad, Sport, and Sport Plus settings. Along with the controls for the optional head-up display, the new toggle button for choosing features and designs in the instrument cluster is situated right on the steering column.

The new centre console air conditioning control panel has a glass surface and a black panel design that gives it an especially premium appearance. The clearly laid out control surface makes it easy to quickly and easily adjust the air conditioning. Mechanical air conditioning switches, haptic feedback, touch recognition, and a physical volume controller all work together to provide a utility that is both haptically and aesthetically appealing.

Porsche Driver Experience

Porsche Communication Management is controlled by the central 12.3-inch high-resolution monitor. (PCM). In addition to the usual internet navigation and multimedia features, the driver can still control a number of driving and comfort features at this location. The optionally integrated 10.9-inch passenger display is an entirely novel feature in the Porsche Cayenne. With the extra touchscreen, the front passenger can relieve the driver of some tasks, like controlling the navigation or choosing a media service. The display cannot be seen from the driver’s position thanks to the special foil. As a result, passengers can watch streaming videos without the driver becoming distracted.

A luxurious, sporty feel

The interior of the Porsche Cayenne represents the fact that it is the sportiest vehicle in its class. Dynamic functionality, opulent comfort, and typical Cayenne design elements are mixed with a sporty atmosphere. Porsche uses a simple design that emphasises width to introduce the new control idea in the new Cayenne. The upper portion of the interior of the door, the centre console, and the full instrument panel have all undergone complete redesigns. The dashboard’s greater horizontal emphasis gives the impression that the interior is even wider. The tastefully constructed air vents are vertically lined in the traditional Cayenne style. All of the air outlets in the cockpit were purposefully built by Porsche without louvres for the first time.

Comprehensively expanded connectivity

In the new Cayenne, Porsche has further enhanced communication. Standard features include a cooled smartphone storage section with an inductive charging capability. Up to 15 watts of optimised charging capacity are possible thanks to the cooling. New methods of interacting are made possible by the deeper integration of online services, like using Siri to control car functions.

Porsche Driver Experience

Two USB-C ports in the front storage space and two more in the centre console’s back section are both brand-new additions. Every USB port has a rapid charging feature. The front link Porsche Communication Management to the smartphone as well. (PCM). All you need to do to connect a smartphone to the car is scan the QR code that is visible in the PCM. Then, a variety of connectivity features, including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as well as built-in applications like Spotify and Apple Music, become accessible.

With the new In-Car Video feature, videos can be viewed immediately in the PCM via the streaming service Screenhits TV, both on the passenger display while driving and in the central display when the vehicle is stopped.

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