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Porsche works for the future of elite sports mobility thanks to decades of experience in sports car manufacturing, the devotion of its employees and a familial approach on the ground. Day after day, we battle for the finest solution with devotion, passion, and excitement. We are boldly pursuing new and unproven techniques, and we build one-of-a-kind, long-term solutions with an entrepreneurial pioneering attitude. We like a good challenge, respond fast, and are always kind and fair. We take a more athletic approach. Employee cohesiveness and collaboration are important to us at Porsche, just as they are to any good family. Because your hearts must also be in the proper location if you want them to beat faster.

Our automobiles should survive a wind tunnel, yet we are pleased that our workers have flaws. What does it mean: we are seeking for true character individuals. Porsche relies especially on enthusiastic personnel whose approach often differs and is unusual. Our commitment builds automobiles of which others dream.


Interior Designer (M, F, D), Porsche Design Center, Weissach


  • Supporting the creation of beautiful and unique interior designs and concepts with a focus on utility and exclusivity
  • Implementing the required processes in the 2-D and 3-D design process, as well as drafting of specification
  • Compliance with the design process when the design is completed in accordance with the project specifications
  • Work with high-end clients and the relevant market representatives in agile product workshops


  • Graduate in automotive, transport or product design successfully or similar
  • work experience (typically 3 years) has been highly valued, 
  • Creativity, sensibility for shape and great trend sensation
  • Highly recognised knowledge of narrative and excellent presentation
  • High degree of communication and collaboration
  • Independent and organised working ethic.
  • Demonstrated ability to complete complex projects under time constraints.
  • Good command over English.

How to apply

The best way to apply is to use our online application system.

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