Nov 03, 2022

WIESMANN CODENAME PROJECT THUNDERBALL - studiokurbos designs the world-first all-electric convertible sportscar in partnership with Wiesmann.


The goal in the design process was to collaborate with Wiesmann to create a fascinating symbiosis of a classic roadster and a modern sports car. Similar to a sculptor, together they created an iconic proportion that combines the muscular appearance of an athlete with sporty elegance. The effect achieved is intended to create an "impressive impression“.


A prominent, brand-defining grille and large cut-outs characterise the new Wiesmann's front view. Opening the bonnet becomes an exceptional spectacle with WOW effect: The entire bonnet opens to the front in one piece and reveals the engine - the heart of a sports car.


Classic roadster proportion meets progressive sports car character. In collaboration with Wiesmann and the studiokurbos design team, exterior renderings were created to focus on the extreme. Together they faced the challenge of designing an electric vehicle whilst maintaining Wiesmann's traditional character. Eye-catching exterior features include a very long bonnet and a short, sporty rear end. Voluminous, muscular surfaces provide a strong and bold statement character. Joints were largely avoided to maintain a sculptural silhouette.


Viewed from the side, the new Wiesmann offers several remarkable impressions. These are only two of the highlights: A pronounced line runs across the bonnet and continues dynamically along the side all the way to the rear. Air outlets at the front and rear accentuate the sports car character.


Central exterior design elements are continued inside the car and create a consistent appearance. Large cut-outs around the exterior lights are echoed in analogue round instruments in the dashboard as well as in ventilation units. All instruments are consistently positioned towards the driver. A continuous line runs dynamically from left to right and surrounds the dashboard. Charming details like a glove compartment with a leather latch lend a classic roadster feel to this overall innovative sports car.


As is customary at Wiesmann, there is no classic gear lever. Optimum operability is ensured by shift paddles on the steering wheel and switches in the centre console. A main screen and an additional information touchscreen provide the driver with all relevant information.


Details are key when it comes to emotional storytelling. The gecko is an important character and used as a recurring design element. It is Wiesmann's brand icon and is used on the bonnet, headrests, centre console and gas pedal. The studiokurbos 3D team continued and implemented the requirements for exterior surface structure down to the smallest detail.


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