Jun 25, 2022

HOW TO START CAR DESIGN EDUCATION - Professionals that focus on the visual appearance or aesthetics of a vehicle are known as car designers. They are also involved in the development of new goods that meet the demands of the automotive segments to which the design is tailored. They build designs in order to appeal to a specific automotive category of clients. The essential skill set includes an aesthetic blend of mind as well as an understanding of interiors and colour design. A candidate should also have technical knowledge of ergonomics, vehicle body design, and design tools.

A brief into the world of Car Design

Today, automobile design is such a specialist subject that many young ambitious children have no concept of what it takes to become a car designer, what a car designer does, or what to expect from a car design school. On several occasions, people have asked us questions regarding automotive design and education in general. However, this is entirely typical. The issue is that there are still misunderstandings and ignorance, as well as a lack of effective direction. Recently, a well-known designer stated that while automotive design appears attractive, this is not always the case

The purpose of this essay is to make one aware of the truth and to assist in making the right decision when selecting automotive design as a career path. There are some great YouTube channels like automobile designer Luciano Bove, Sketchit BR, Berk Kaplan and online car design academies such as Inktank Academy where you can also learn great insights about Car design. You must visit and have a look at their content.

Throughout what we experience as adventures of life, following Luciano Bove who is a wonderful tutor, and the fact that his blogs, videos, and papers are all available for free is a huge assistance. The goal here is to provide some basic facts regarding automotive design and education. It may be the first piece a person reads after deciding to become a designer. It is worth noting that automotive design has developed since then, with the most dramatic changes occurring in the last several years. This article also discusses the influence and changes that it brought to the industry.

Paths To Become A Car Designer

All you need is imagination, an understanding of materials, products, or items, and a desire to discover new things. You must be able to communicate well since you will meet numerous individuals and must sell your design or idea to them. Both of these responsibilities need excellent communication abilities. Physical demands are minimal in the vehicle design professional path. However, it is also dependent on your function in a project. One should constantly keep an open mind and work calmly, as a panicked attitude will not help you reach your goals.

Shahidul Syed Alam designer at Lexus 2015

The process of creating the appearance of motor vehicles such as automobiles, motorbikes, lorries, buses, coaches, and vans is known as automotive design. A car / automotive designer is expected to have a formal education in the field of design. A designer should be familiar with digital modelling, sketch modelling, and clay modelling techniques. It’s important that a designer have relevant skills and creativity. An exterior designer is expected to have extremely good skills in sketching, rendering (pen, paper, marker, PS) and be very creative. On the other hand, a modeller is expected to have strong knowledge and skills for surface modelling techniques able to make 3d models up to class C and A.

For these reasons, formal education is necessary which guides and prepares individuals to gain skills. Usually, a bachelor's in Transportation design is the most direct way to become a car designer but then there are various other ways such as enrolling on a master’s course or even a product designer can design cars given certain requirements are fulfilled such a portfolio with car design projects. The various paths to becoming a designer after high school are as follows.

What's next?

These are broad strokes used to illustrate the many approaches to becoming a vehicle designer. It always depends on which path is best for you depending on your age and past qualifications, but there are certain suggestions one should bear in mind. We will be continuing the article and sharing more details about how a portfolio should be, which college to choose and a lot more interesting topics in the part 02 of this topic.