Automotive Design Planet Podcast with Marilia Biill - Head of CMF Design, Kia

Prepare for an electrifying 6th episode as we welcome Marilia Biill - Head of CMF Design, Kia. In this episode, she shared that It all started unexpectedly, as she initially pursued a career as a textile designer. Little did she know that her path would lead her to become the head of the CMF (Color, Material, and Finish) department at Kia, a position she now holds with pride. During the podcast, Marilia delved into the CMF design team's process when working on new car designs or changing existing facelift models. She emphasized the significance of selecting the right colours, materials, and finishes to create an appealing and cohesive overall design.

Collaboration is the key!

Collaboration was a crucial aspect of the CMF department's success, and Marillia provided insights into how her team works closely with various departments within Kia. This collaboration ensures that the CMF choices align with other critical aspects of car design, such as engineering, marketing, and manufacturing, resulting in a harmonious and well-rounded final product. One of the critical points Marillia discussed was the CMF team's commitment to sustainability. They diligently maintain material prices while ensuring the vehicle meets eco-friendly standards. She elaborated on the innovative strategy Kia launched with their EV9 model, demonstrating Kia's dedication to environmentally conscious designs.

Importance of Interior Design

In addition to exterior designs, Marillia highlighted the significance of interior design to ensure it remains aesthetically pleasing without overwhelming the senses. The CMF team meticulously considers every detail, from colour palettes to eco-friendly materials, while providing passengers with a comfortable and visually appealing interior.

Advise for budding designers!

Towards the end of the podcast, Marillia offered valuable insights into Kia's future plans for car designs, giving listeners a glimpse of what to expect from the brand. Aspiring designers, especially those interested in CMF design, were in for a treat as Marillia generously shared her suggestions for success.

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