Aston Martin Valiant: A Sports Car Redefining Legacy and Luxury

The Aston Martin Valiant, the brainchild of a dynamic team at Politecnico di Milano's Transportation & Automobile Design Specializing Master (TAD14), is set to captivate affluent enthusiasts with its audacious design. Conceived through the collaborative efforts of Francesco Iavarone, Aryan Rajesh, Davide Monti, Gianluca Madera, and Giuseppe di Paola, this project breathes new life into Aston Martin's storied heritage, serving as a grand finale for the Internal Combustion Engine era.

Problem and Packaging:

Catering to the discerning desires of road and track connoisseurs, the team took the compact Alfa Romeo 4C as their starting point. It elevated it to new heights, stretching it to a substantial 1.9 meters in width and 4.2 meters in length. Their vision: to craft a driving experience akin to Formula 1, complete with a mid-mounted supercharged V6 engine. The mission? To infuse this machine with an unparalleled blend of extreme performance, timeless elegance, and charismatic allure, all wrapped in the Aston Martin emblem.

Exterior Design:

The Valiant boasts a design characterised by muscular contours that meld into an aerodynamically sculpted body, exuding a palpable passion. Drawing inspiration from the unyielding nature of a shark, the Valiant represents fearlessness in the driver's seat. 

This design masterpiece artfully integrates Aston Martin's timeless elegance with cutting-edge aerodynamic efficiency, incorporating subtle nods to the brand's iconic winged logo. Elements reminiscent of the wing's feathers can be spotted in the wheels' headlights and air-channelling features. The vehicle's architecture is thoughtfully divided into distinct halves, effortlessly merging elegance and technical prowess. While the front pays homage to Aston Martin's DNA, the rear has advanced cooling and downforce elements, ensuring both form and function are in perfect harmony.

Interior Design:

Inside, the Valiant immerses the driver in an unparalleled experience. A central widescreen display provides essential information, and the steering wheel, adorned with wing-shaped buttons, encircles a customisable screen, offering intuitive control without sacrificing tactile feedback. The lightweight, racing-inspired seats are a marriage of carbon fibre and ultra-suede elements, providing stability during high-speed manoeuvres. Materials such as carbon fibre, brushed aluminium, leather, and ultra-suede grace the interior, embodying the perfect union of luxury and performance.

The Valiant's Legacy:

The Aston Martin Valiant symbolises character and personality in a landscape dominated by electric innovation. Its allure transcends faster and greener electric alternatives, leaving an indelible mark on the senses. The Valiant isn't just a car; it embodies style, performance, and the joy of driving. Indeed, it is a bold creation that seamlessly marries the past and the future, redefining what it means to be an Aston Martin.

About Designers

Bound by a collective passion for design and diverse cultural backgrounds, the team originates from different regions in Italy and India. Mumbai, Pescara, Milan, Rome, and Palermo are all represented, highlighting the team's fusion of experiences and knowledge. This amalgamation underscores their dedication to significantly impacting the world of automotive design.