Ducati Diavolo Project by an Indian student is unveiling the Future of Electric Motorcycles

Oct 26, 2023

The Ducati Diavolo is a visionary project by Siddharth Pratheev, aiming to create a novel sub-category of motorcycles that seamlessly fuses the attributes of a track bike and a litre-class superbike. Driven by the exciting prospects of the electric future within the motorcycle industry, Pratheev meticulously developed the Diavolo. This involved incorporating clean lines and disciplined design elements reminiscent of electric bikes, all while preserving the raw performance and aggressive stance characteristic of contemporary Ducati litre bikes. The project is both a homage to Ducati's rich heritage and a bold exploration of the frontiers of innovation.


The Ducati Diavolo is a groundbreaking endeavour in high-performance electric motorcycles, striving to carve out a distinctive sub-category. Seamlessly blending the agility of a nimble streetfighter with the precision of a track bike, this project aims to capture the admiration of dedicated sport riders. The primary goal is acknowledgement and genuine respect for the nuanced and harmonious design approach undertaken. The objective is to balance modern, futuristic aesthetics synonymous with electric motorcycles and the raw, unadulterated performance appeal inherent to high-performance machines.

The project started with a deep dive into understanding Ducati, a brand celebrated for its untamed spirit, sensual design, and finely crafted motorcycles. The Diavolo's distinctive features include:

  • Its natural and futuristic appearance.
  • Boasting sharp angles and sculpted bodywork.
  • Bold material choices.

This audacious design challenges conventional aesthetics, embodying the unbridled spirit of Ducati and pushing the envelope with innovative elements.

The Design Elements:

Distinguishing itself from its peers, the Diavolo boasts experimental handles and a hybrid frame. The ergonomic handles enhance the rider's connection with the machine and contribute to the untamed and futuristic aesthetic. The hybrid frame, blending the benefits of trellis and perimeter frames, seeks a harmonious balance between rigidity, stability, and weight distribution.

With a substantial battery pack promising an impressive range and potent power figures, the Diavolo caters to long-distance journeys and robust performance demands. The rear swingarm integrates with the mono-shock suspension, ensuring a cohesive design and efficient power transfer. Innovative design elements, such as unconventional handles and the hybrid frame, coupled with thoughtful engineering considerations, reflect a commitment to pushing the boundaries of motorcycle design and performance.

Immersive Riding Experience:

The riding posture and experience on the Ducati Diavolo redefine the thrill of two-wheeled travel. With an ergonomic, forward-leaning stance, riders are immersed in an experience marrying precision with exhilaration—ideal for spirited manoeuvres on both the track and urban streets. Aerodynamics takes centre stage, optimising the sculpted form to minimise air resistance and enhance speed and range. This meticulous attention to detail ensures that the Diavolo not only captivates visually but also delivers exceptional high-performance capabilities, making a bold statement about the future of high-performance motorcycles.


In conclusion, the Ducati Diavolo represents a fusion of tradition and innovation, symbolising Ducati's rich history and an emblem of the electric era. The designer takes pride in being a vital part of its creation, setting the stage for the future of high-performance motorcycles. This project embodies a promise—that the end of high-performance motorcycles will be electric, untamed, and electrifying. As we unfold this new chapter, the Ducati Diavolo paves the way for what lies ahead in the dynamic world of high-performance motorcycles.

About Designer:

Siddharth Pratheev, a final-year industrial design student at the National Institute of Design, Andhra Pradesh, brings a dynamic background. During an internship at Emotorad, an e-bike design company, he refined his skills in electric vehicle design. Presently, Siddharth is contributing his expertise as an intern at Space Aura, a pioneering space tourism venture with plans to take people to the edge of space by 2025. In this role, he applies his design skills to create visually captivating and functional exteriors and interiors for the space capsule. His efforts are crucial in realising the dream of making space travel accessible to a broader audience.