BMW Z Hommage is designed to pay homage to the distinguished BMW Z line and its conceptual innovations

  Nov 10, 2023

The BMW Z Hommage is a testament to the brand's commitment to innovation and a nod to the iconic models that preceded it. This one-off creation by Augusto Fuchs is not merely a car; it's a piece of art meticulously designed to pay homage to the distinguished BMW Z line and its conceptual innovations.

In crafting the BMW Z Hommage, the design philosophy revolves around achieving a perfect blend of minimalism and a race-oriented focus. The goal is clear – to provide an escape from the mundane daily commute and infuse the driving experience with pure fun and safety. By eliminating distractions for the driver, the car promises excitement and a heightened level of protection on the road.

BMW Z Hommage: Exterior Design

Taking cues from the classic BMW Z8, the exterior design of the BMW Z Hommage showcases elements like rear taillights and a seamlessly integrated body exhaust. What sets this model apart in the modern era are the two extractable cameras positioned at the rear, replacing traditional side mirrors. This choice is for aerodynamic efficiency and adds an aesthetically pleasing touch.

The design of the BMW Z Hommage draws inspiration from the elegance of the woman's body, evident in the proportions, especially the middle part of the car. The incorporation of the Coke design rule adds a muscular and well-proportioned appearance. Noteworthy are the visible mechanical parts, such as suspensions, which serve a dual purpose – providing an artistic touch and practical functionality.

A retractable flap in the rear enhances downforce in specific driving situations, underscoring the performance-oriented nature of the vehicle. Moving to the front, the design takes inspiration from the air vents of the BMW 2022, adding an extra layer of elegance and iconography.

BMW Z Hommage: Interior Design

The interior of the BMW Z Hommage adheres to a philosophy of minimalism. Two vents in the cockpit are not for air ventilation but rather for warm air. Given the nature of this car, where the driver is frequently exposed to cool air, these vents ensure comfort during the drive. The steering wheel has all the necessary controls and a small screen that offers multiple menus, including GPS and speed information.

Under the hood, the BMW Z Hommage boasts a v10 aspirated engine that produces an exhilarating and captivating sound. The entire car is constructed from carbon fibre, a choice made for the perfect balance between weight and power. This material enhances performance and contributes to the vehicle's overall aesthetic appeal.


In conclusion, the BMW Z Hommage is not just a car; it's a statement of artistic brilliance and engineering excellence. Every aspect of this one-off creation reflects a commitment to uniqueness and innovation, from its exterior inspired by classic models to the minimalistic yet technologically advanced interior.

About Designer

Augusto Fuchs is a Swiss transportation and industrial designer with an intriguing passion for hypercars and future mobility—quite an unconventional combination.
Throughout my career, he has honed his skills in this exciting field, including expertise in various 3D software such as Autodesk Alias, Autodesk Maya, and Blender. His capabilities encompass sketching, rendering, and robust ideation skills, allowing him to craft innovative and visually striking designs.

He also had the privilege of collaborating with global teams in multidisciplinary and cross-functional projects, adding a valuable dimension to his professional journey.