This New Range Rover concept from a Coventry University graduate is a premium SUV designed for retirees

Dec 28, 2023

Automotive Design has changed recently, and the focus has shifted more towards prioritizing users. To address this a graduate of Coventry University Junghoon Choi has introduced a practical design philosophy, not just a theory as he believes that cars are not just machines; they are extensions of people's lifestyles and preferences. This approach is demonstrated in a project featuring a user-centric design—a full-size premium Range Rover SUV tailored for retirees.

We all know that understanding the pulse of the market is crucial in designing a vehicle. To start with, Junghoon drafted a strong design theme with clear principles to make sure that the new concepts not only fulfil their functional requirements but also connect with users on an emotional level. The decision to focus on a full-size premium SUV for retirees was intentional. Analyzing data reveals a significant increase in the number of retired households since 1995, reaching 7.5 million. Importantly, their higher income allows them to invest in luxury cars. So, the aim was to offer a vehicle that suits retirees' lifestyles, providing both practicality and a touch of luxury.

The Design

The vehicle is carefully crafted to provide a cosy ride, elevated suspension, and a broad view, making it perfect for retirees who enjoy off-road adventures. The transparent roof enhances the driving experience, allowing occupants to immerse themselves in nature by enjoying stargazing during leisurely drives or after shopping excursions in cities like London.

The initial design theme, named "Purity Body with Folding Details," serves as the basis for the SUV's visual appeal. The front view features Graphic design elements that highlight character lines, and the sleek, simple headlamp designs contribute to the vehicle's sophistication. Intuitive air intake systems are strategically placed on the body to ensure optimal functionality during off-road excursions. The rear of the concept maintains coherence with the front, maintaining a clean and sleek aesthetic. The best part of the design phase is that every design element is carefully crafted to ensure a seamless visual experience from all angles.  

The designer's second thematic approach, "Architecturally Robust," aims to strengthen the SUV's masculine impression. The all-glass cabin promotes a wide field of vision, catering to the retiree's interest in stargazing. As this concept is targeted towards the retiree group, safety is one of the main aspects, and the pillars are designed to serve a dual purpose. The innovative pillar design enhances safety and seamlessly integrates with the overall aesthetic, drawing inspiration from observatories.  

Final Design

The design process comes together to create a premium SUV that blends aggressive front-end aesthetics, a two-seat configuration, and a rear design that echoes the themes from the front. This user-centric masterpiece effortlessly blends form and function, offering retirees a vehicle that perfectly complements their lifestyle and passions. 

The designed SUV showcases its versatility in both urban and outdoor settings. In city environments, retirees can enjoy quality time with their families by cruising downtown for shopping or drinks. On the other hand, outdoor adventures are made seamless by the ability to connect mobile devices, creating a smooth blend of technology and nature. Innovation takes centre stage with the integration of level 4 autonomous driving mode. After an adventurous day, the users can switch to autonomous mode, allowing them to relax and enjoy stargazing within the vehicle during the journey home.

The SUV's all-wheel-drive (AWD) systems make it a flexible companion capable of navigating various terrains. Whether manoeuvring through city streets or exploring off-road terrain, the vehicle adapts to the user's needs, providing a secure and comfortable driving experience.

In summary, this project demonstrates the designer's dedication to a user-centred design approach. He has created a premium SUV that not only fulfils the practical requirements of retirees but also aligns with their hobbies and aspirations. It goes beyond being just a vehicle; it's a personalized experience for those seeking adventure, comfort, and a connection with the stars.

About Designer

Jung-Hoon Choi, often known as Hoon, hails from South Korea. Born in 1996, his passion for cars and drawing has been constant since childhood. This early fascination led him to pursue a career as a car designer, choosing to specialize in car design at Coventry University. After the successful completion of his internship, he is currently employed with Tata Motors as a creative exterior designer.

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