VW ID Sprint Concept by a Mexican Designer is A Modern Take on the Classic Roadster

Dec 29, 2023

In the fast-paced world of automotive design, many cool projects come to life because people love what they do and the VW ID.SPRINT is a prime example of such a project. It all started during an internship at Volkswagen, where the freedom to be creative led to something amazing. In this article, we'll explore what inspired the project, its design principles, and the big idea driving this concept.

The VW ID.SPRINT is a result of thorough research and discussions with mentors. The objective was straightforward—to craft a modern-day successor to VW roadsters, specifically engineered for the electric era, with a focus on delivering pure pleasure in driving and cruising. The journey towards this decision involved several attempts, ranging from the early concept R to the Blue Sport, each presenting its unique set of challenges. However, a pivotal moment occurred when the project aligned with the visionary design philosophy driven by Andreas Mindt. Mindt's emphasis on the "love brand" perspective played a crucial role in shaping Volkswagen's approach, injecting a fresh perspective and strategic direction into the development of the ID.SPRINT concept.

Drawing inspiration from the SP2 and Karmann Ghia!

At the core of the VW ID.SPRINT is a tribute to the charming Karmann Ghia - an iconic symbol of driving pleasure that perfectly encapsulates the essence of Volkswagen's "love brand" vision. The design of this concept car pays homage to earlier VW sports cars by skillfully incorporating the SP2 silhouette, resulting in a sleek and roomy interior. Additionally, the bodywork draws inspiration from Karmann Ghia's surfacing, creating an emotionally resonant yet thoughtfully constructed exterior. In essence, the ID.SPRINT harmoniously combines elements from Volkswagen's rich sports car heritage to deliver a vehicle that is not only visually appealing but also deeply rooted in the brand's passion for driving enjoyment.

The exterior of the ID.SPRINT finds a sweet spot between the solid and the emotional look. The clean and roomy interior comes from the SP2 shape, making it feel solid. On the other hand, the Karman Ghia design gives it a warm and emotional vibe. The outcome is a broad and strong appearance, capturing the classic roadster feel but all set for the electric era. It's like bringing the best of both worlds – a solid, classic roadster look combined with the modern touch of electric power.

A minimalistic interior design takes centre stage

While the focus was primarily on the exterior, the interior of the ID.SPRINT was envisioned as a complement to the driving experience. A minimalistic interior design takes centre stage, with the primary goal of maximizing the joy of driving or providing a relaxing space for passengers to enjoy their surroundings. One notable feature is the ultralight seats, constructed from mirrored modules. These seats are designed to adapt to different driving modes, ensuring optimal support for both passengers and drivers. This contributes to a comfortable and dynamic driving experience. 

The dashboard is another noteworthy element, drawing inspiration from the classic Karmann Ghia. It follows a minimalist approach and elegantly conceals the steering wheel. It also aligns with Volkswagen's principles of simplicity and honesty in design, creating an interior that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.


The VW ID.SPRINT is like a cool, new version of classic cars with a deep appreciation for the brand's heritage. With its roots firmly grounded in the iconic roadsters of the past, this concept paves the way for a new era of electric driving, combining the thrill of the open road with the sustainability of the future. The ID.SPRINT is not just a cool car; it is a celebration of VW's commitment to design excellence and a promising glimpse into the brand's electric future.

About Designer

Naoto Ricardo Kobayashi Utsumoto is an industrial design student from Mexico working at Volkswagen Design as an exterior design intern who is passionate about cars and transportation design. From a young age, he has been fascinated by cars, and upon discovering car design as a profession, he became eager to make it his career. Naoto appreciates cars with strong proportions, a solid stance, and clean surfaces. His objective is to bring forth ideas that narrate the story of the product and the brand, aiming to craft a unique and cohesive concept for every project he undertakes.

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Naoto Ricardo Kobayashi Utsumoto